Win a Membership Account from PixelKit

Win a Membership Account from PixelKit Finding a UI kit that works well is no longer a hassle thanks the folks at PixelKit. They can offer a huge selection of UI kits, as well as a host of other resources that are perfect for all sorts of

CSS Shapes Tutorials

While I was slithering around the web I discovered this suitable post from the place that is known for the web about utilizing Css3 to make some basic css shapes tutorials. You can see the trick sheet here. I began utilizing this trick sheet to make a

Best Online Tools to Create Marketing Memes

When it comes to marketing a brand or product using memes, your creativity is all you need to go viral. Meme generating tools and apps fill the online world in great numbers, though some are better than the rest. Here are a few meme generating tools that

Research Shows Brands Using Mobile Ads to Boost Clickthroughs

If there is still doubt about the profitability of mobile devices, that should be erased with the report that brands are increasing their engagement via mobile ads. According to the latest report, the average CTR (click-through rate) for mobile campaigning has increased by threefold the past year,

Your Secret Weapon: Turning Social Media Leads Into Sales

For the last several years, social media has become the way for businesses to increase their brand awareness and build a loyal following. As social media becomes even more popular, many companies are looking at how they can use these sites to increase their return on investment

Top Compressors to Use When Designing Graphics for Games

Designing graphics for games can be an absolute joyride as you get to experiment with different colours, characters and even typography. Making the graphics interesting at all times is a must. However, once the painstaking task of creating superior quality graphics is done, you may believe that

Top tools that you cannot do without when designing a responsive website

Today, a large chunk of the global population relies on the internet for a majority of the tasks; whether it is a student who wants information about some historical monument or a professional who maintains financial records about his company. Besides, the rapid development puts added pressures

Cures for Slow Loading Websites

The bane of a slow loading web page is one which all users of the internet have had to encounter and these slow loading websites are often on the receiving end of the choicest of insults. A fast website is attractive and easy to use and does

The Process Of Handling The Magento WordPress Integration

You must be aware of the fact that WordPress is the best for CMS, as well as for blogging websites. Magento is also considered the best for e-commerce. You use both of them together, as well as share the components including static blocks, navigation menus and shopping

Servers: The Essentials of Web Design

A large web site has its own specific challenges. With many pages and users being used to keep the site running, there may be various workflows which are required to go from the paper design of a web site to its live performance. Workflow for detailed sites
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