Pricing Table Tutorials

Pricing tables are the commonly used on e-commerce sites to help out clients decide the exact plan according to their requirements. If you would like an appealing product comparison table in your ecommerce store, check out these breathtaking pricing table tutorials to get started and improve your

WordPress Social Sharing Icons without Plugin

Now a day’s social bookmarking buttons has been necessary for our blogs to sharing the content or blog post on different social networks. And if you are using WordPress then obviously you will be using any plugin for sharing. But today we will tell you how to

How to Install Emmet in Sublime Text Editor

Sublime Text is a sophisticated text editor and used for code, markup and prose. You’ll love the professional and efficient user interface. Its features are extraordinary and performance is amazing. And Emmet is a plugin for many popular text editors which greatly improve HTML & CSS workflow:

Create Pages on WordPress Theme Activation

If you are developing your own custom wordpress theme and want to deliver to client with custom page or pages when the theme is activated on client’s website. There is simple way add this lines of code in function .php in your theme. The pages will create

Bootstrap Affix Plugin

Affix plugin allow to pinned element on the page and you can toggle it’s pinning on and off using this Bootstrap Affix Plugin. The pinning of any tag or element is enabled via changing the value of CSS property “position” from static to fix. In this tutorial we

Bootstrap Carousel Plugin

Bootstrap is offering a remarkable feature of carousel and easy to embed in website. This Bootstrap Carousel Plugin is flexible and responsive and allows images, videos and any kind of content which you want to use within the carousel area.

Bootstrap Collapse Plugin

The Bootstrap Collapse plugin behave same like accordions and makes it easy to collapsing division of the page. This component allows for many content options, when you try to make content box and accordion navigation.

Bootstrap Button Plugin

We are already discussed about Buttons in Bootstrap Buttons tutorial. But using JavaScript Bootstrap Button plugin you can add some more interactions just like control button states or you can make groups for more components like toolbars.

Bootstrap Alert Plugin

You can add dismiss functionality to all alert messages using alert message plugin. As you know alert messages are frequently used to show information just like confirmation or warning messages to the user end. We will cover that how to work bootstrap alert plugin in this tutorial.

Bootstrap Popover Plugin

Bootstrap is offering one more interesting plugin which called Popover, this is similar to tooltip but with enhanced feature of heading. There is a very simple method to show bootstrap popover plugin, you simply need to hover your cursor over the element. Following method requires a tooltip.