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7 Excellent Tools for 3D Designers

The newest hype that has wowed and continues to wow both designers and spectators alike is the birth of the 3D industry. Indeed, sporting three dimensional form or appearance is amazing. It widens the usual experience of every designer. It opens more doors for artists to experiment and explore their craft that is anchored on imagination and creativity.

The 3D industry utilizes a lot of tools and applications to successfully create 3D images and graphics. These systems allow for the creation of a variety of 3D content, including texturing, rendering, light, and modeling. Both Windows and Mac operating systems have software options for 3D animation. Windows and Mac web hosting offered these days are pretty flexible to accommodate the latest design development.


Rhino 3D
Rhino is in the business to provide tools that help designers model their design. This makes them ready for animation, engineering, manufacturing, analysis, drafting, and rendering. It can edit, create, and translate surfaces and solids within Widows and NURBS curves. Rhino also offers extreme precision, free-form modeling in 3D, and unrestricted editing capabilities.

Xara 3D

Xara 3D
Xara 3D is often referred to as one of the best tools to create professional and quality 3D graphics on the web. It features interactive editing and clean designs at an excellent value and price, so it is also one of the most affordable options on the market.

INT 3D System

INT 3D System
This system is an online editor of 3D, and it allows the user to create virtual and interactive scenes in 3D. Users are able to modify existing virtual interiors or create new ones. This system also uses interactive and photorealistic models to aid in the design of 3D graphics.

3D Studio Max

3D Studio Max
This tool is best known for its ability to quickly generate characters that realistic, exciting games, excellent CG effects, and film and TV content of a superior quality. This software contains tool sets that allow the user to create a 3D environment in the way that they want it. They are also able to manage scenes of a complex nature and take advantage of pipeline integration support.


Zbrush is a digital painting and sculpting program that has changed the way the 3d industry operates. It has powerful features that are one of the most advanced tools on the market for artists within the digital world. This software is used to create models that are high-resolution to be used in animations, games, and videos. It is developed by Pixologic, and it is used by companies like Electronic Arts and ILM.


Houdini software contains a number of 3D animation tools used to model and animate graphics. This application is used by professional artists who specialize in 3D graphics and are located all over the world. The art produced by Houdini is also easy to update, so as the needs of the project change, the artist can update the animation. Houdini also supports exports of animations and models to .dts, which can be used with Torque Game Engine.

Google SketchUp Pro 7

Google SketchUp Pro 7
This software system helps professionals to streamline their 3D workflow. Users are able to modify, share and create three-dimensional models, and they can also make professional layouts and documents to present the animations. This software also includes Style Builder, which allows the user to create sketched edge displays. Models can be built and added to 3D buildings within Google 3D Warehouse and Google Earth. Google Warehouse also contains a wealth of 3D models for users to find anything that they need and share their designs with users all over the world.

It has become increasingly common for hosting providers to include various software solutions, as part of their hosting agreement, with the customer. These tools, may be available, as part of a software bundle, provided by web hosting sites

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