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WordPress Social Sharing Icons without Plugin

Now a day’s social bookmarking buttons has been necessary for our blogs to sharing the content or blog post on different social networks. And if you are using WordPress then obviously you will be using any plugin for sharing. But today we will tell you how to make custom social sharing icons. If you are

Create Pages on WordPress Theme Activation

If you are developing your own custom wordpress theme and want to deliver to client with custom page or pages when the theme is activated on client’s website. There is simple way add this lines of code in function .php in your theme. The pages will create automatically when you will define using this code

Magento WordPress Integration: Enjoy the best Blogging Extension

With the addition of latest extension to your Magento powered eCommerce website, now you can also enjoy the benefits of the best blogging experience. You can now publish quality content through WordPress on your Magento stores and gain much greater visibility for your customers. The blogs are a very effective way to give information to

The Process Of Handling The Magento WordPress Integration

You must be aware of the fact that WordPress is the best for CMS, as well as for blogging websites. Magento is also considered the best for e-commerce. You use both of them together, as well as share the components including static blocks, navigation menus and shopping cart data. In this situation, the Magento WordPress

Beautiful Halloween Tutorials and Halloween Wallpapers

Whenever Halloween is around the corner, the atmosphere is filled with scary things, bonfires, horror movies, skeletons, pumpkins and with other horrible things spread across the markets, stores, houses and ofcource on websites. Now this is the right time to customize your desktop backgrounds for computer and also your designs with the proper Halloween strength

Some Do’s & Don’ts While Designing A Sticker

Sticker designing is a creative task that totally depends on the creative approach of a designer. If you want to create an innovative design then creativity is the most important thing but along with creativity, you would need to follow the basic designing standards which will help you to accomplish your work with good and