7 Common Mistakes in Web Designing

1. Everyone make mistakes and which is actually good. But if you do not improve after seeing your mistakes then it is bad. While designing a website web designers perform lot of things that do not match to the website or it do not go with the rythm but they learn from their mistakes. But sometimes what happens is that they do not realize their mistakes and this affects their websites. There are some common mistakes that are done while designing a website but not going into deep business persons overlook those mistakes. Please do not do this thing but find out those loopholes and terminate those from your website permanently. Continue reading.

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450+ Best Text Effect Photoshop Tutorials

Remember how scary it was when you were a little kid and you had to start reading books in school that didn’t have any pictures in them? Truth be told, that little kid still exists inside all of us; it’s one of the reasons why print media designs often rely on photos and illustrations rather than walls of bland text.

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