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How to Make Photo to Vector Illustration Effect

In this tutorial we will make vector illustration effect on photo in photoshop. This will be quick and easy way to convert photo into a illustration vector effect.

Step 1:

First select any image on which you want to apply illustration effect

Step 2:

Duplicate the Background layer.

Step 3:

Now apply the Cutout filter (Filter => Artistic => Cutout). On the left side the amount of detail in the vector can be controlled by adjusting the Number of Levels, Edge Simplicity and Edge Fidelity sliders. For this example I am using 5 levels, with the Edge Simplicity set to 3 and Edge Fidelity set to 3. Click OK.

Step 4:

You can trace the areas of color divided by the Cutout filter with the Poster Edges Filter. For this example the Edge Thickness is set to 2, Edge Intensity to 1 and Posterization to 4. Click OK.

Step 5:

The color can be changed subtly with a Photo Filter adjustment layer.

Step 6:

And finally, to add to the ‘colored’ effect, a Brightness/Contrast adjustment layer will help take away the natural highlights/shadows even more.

Step 7:

Here is my final vector image:

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