3 simple steps to improve sales in your Magento store

Magento stores are gaining their popularity worldwide. For that reason choosing the best Magento edition for e-Commerce development is a much needed task. Recently I got a chance to roam around the internet and analyzed some of the Magento stores. I found each and every website to be unique with the other. I found some which must be discussed which is applicable for each store’s specific case to increase sales in Magento store.

So here are some of the few points that might help you to attain the spotlight to increase the focus of consumers towards your store :-

1. Redirect – For improved site search :-
Search Edit

You can see all of your searched terms which is used in your internal site search listed in the grid view. You can edit them also. Moreover you can set a query which matches the synonym of your query to correct the common spelling mistakes for your brand, products and even the categories also. This provides excellent platform to hike the sales in Magento store.
Another important optimization technique is to set redirect URLs. This is extremely powerful strategy as you can return any URL instead of returning any search results when a given query is entered. You can use Magento’s default site search property or you can choose Google custom search for a 3rd party solution.

2. Reduce the bounce rate from your ‘cart’ page :-

I think many Magento online store owners have faced the problem that most of the returning visitor search for the brand name along with the coupon code. If you analyze your website with Google webmaster or analytics you will find that most of your visitors exits from the cart page. So in this way they leave your website to Google for your coupon code.
So to reduce the bounce rate at this time produce an explanation of the coupon collecting process. The explanation can be displayed in a light-weighted box or you can also select custom design for it.

3. Repair your mini-cart :-

In the last versions of Magento themes it was seen that many people faced problems while they proceed to check out. If you have built your theme over your default theme then your cart is also carrying this issue.
In case any product goes out of stock after the user have added it in his/her cart. At that time the checkout button disappears. So you must add some instructions for the user to remove the item from the cart which is out of stock. It is helpful for that time when user want to buy rest of the items other than the item which is out of stock. Also focus on the Magento design terminologies and concepts to get ultimate profit from it.

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