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Call recorder for android free download full version 2.0.25

There are scores of call recording apps that you can employ on your Android phone. Some of these are just for recording incoming calls or outgoing calls. The purpose of getting this app is you can be certain to memorize something afterward. Also, there are some apps that record both sided calls.
The app that records both sided calls is Total Recall automatic call recorder android application available in Google Play. You can get this app downloaded from Play Store and that too with 30 days free trial period. This app records both incoming and outgoing calls automatically and that too with outstanding quality of recording voice and calls.
This call recorder android app was invented in 2004 and it is basically a US based application. The user interface is awfully uncomplicated and easy to use. You can directly download this app from Play Store because this is app consistent and trustworthy and you may not find it pram or buggy juts like other apps. This application is amazing which comes with flexible options and you have absolute control over the settings options.
Together with two sided recordings, this app also records one sided recording of voice notes like meetings, speeches, lectures, conferences, class, interviews, music and all that through a Microphone. And undoubtedly, the recording quality is excellent and crystal clear even with low volumes. Once the call is on the go, it does not produce any beep sound and you can secretly record conversations.
There may be some important calls that you will need to review and access later on as per the circumstances. This app thus allows you to not only record calls, but also you have a choice of storing all your recordings on the server comprising of different storage locations like Gmail inbox, sound cloud, drop box, Google drive and Evernote.
Moreover, you can also secure files on your device, as this call recorder android app aids with a choice of password protection. As a result, this app is very useful for tracking main calls that you will require to assess at a later date. Also, you can share recordings instantly, as this application can be shared with your friends, relatives, contacts, associates either by obviously forwarding mails or sharing them on social media application. You can instantly transfer files via Bluetooth as well.
This app attunes with all android versions and this app has recently revised its version to 2.0.24 supporting Lollipop version. But, before you get this app incorporated on your mobile phone, ensure whether this app attunes with your mobile or not. There are some devices on which this app attunes. Like LG OPTIMUS PRO G, Moto E XT1022, Samsung note 3, nexus5, android one, Sony Xperia t2 ultra dual, Samsung duos s6102, Sony Xperia M / V / T etc. You can also find some more devices on Google play and check whether this automatic call recorder app is adjustable or not.
Above all, if you are looking for any information, you can connect, support team via email or forum posting. You can check the latest reviews of this app on this link-

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