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Download latest version of Total Recall 2.0.28

Hasn’t every person killing time to discover about the top call recording software accessible for Android smartphones? Android being a leading platform has increased the selling of mobile phones. Also, one more reason of this amplified selling is android applications.
If you are missing the chance to record some important calls like those made by your friend, kids, relatives, associates, family members, employees, and the rest. In that case, don’t let go such opportunity. You can now record calls and voice notes by downloading the topmost and the best software for your android smartphone. Total Recall is the software which allows recording audio notes by means of Microphone. Now, one can record songs, music, dialogues, lectures, speeches, meetings and other such voice notes through a Microphone.
You can now free download its latest version 2.0.28 from Google Play Store. This call recorder application also offers free 30 days test period where you can understand as to how this app works. This application has an easy user interface and it comes with flexible options like it records two sided calls and the recording happens at the moment you receive calls. Total Recall is the US based app and it has received immense downloading with high rating and positive reviews.
The Total Recall call recorder has the ability to record both outgoing and incoming calls automatically. Along with auto recording call, this app auto uploads files to the server cloud as well, i.e. on the Gmail account inbox, drop box, Evernote, sound cloud and Google drive. The recording takes place when you take the calls. It means you can record calls anywhere and anytime. Also, you can find a feature of the search filter by use of which you can search recordings by name, by date. You save ample of your time and you can arrive at a particular recording instantaneously. Also, this app has the ability to record calls in different formats like wav, amr, mp3,mp4, etc.
The crucial requirement of this automatic call recorder is it integrates with some detailed devices like Sony Xperia z1, Moto E XT1022, LG OPTIMUS PRO G, Samsung duos s6102, Sony Xperia M / V / T, Samsung note 3, etc. Thus, before you get this application installed, verify whether this application adjusts with your device or not. In addition, you are also facilitated by a long list of all those devices on which this Total Recall software attunes. You can match up and install this application. The entire procedure of installation is very easy, and after you get this app downloaded, you will not be annoyed with any exaggerating advertisements.
The unique option this automatic call recorder app offers is a feature of password protection, which actually locks files existing on your handset. You can secure all your recorded data from children, strangers and others. This application is extensively used by businessmen’s for recording business deals, used in call centers for recording voice process provided via cell phone, for recording interview sessions, use for child protection and so on.
So, if you wish to know as to how to capture calls on your android smart phone, you can watch this video link-

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