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Floppy Disks Turned Into Bags: Recycling at its Best

Since our school days, we have heard of recycling papers, bags and many other things but have you ever heard of recycling your computer consumables? Yes, time has changed. Recycling process has hit the world with its comeback. Now, many people especially the freaks and the geeks are recycling all the old, unused, waste and discarded gadgets to bring out some useful, innovative and unique products.

Retro, funky and cool looking bags, made of floppy disks are in fashion now. Yes, these are the same floppy disks, which once were an important computer gadget used to store and transfer data, but the invention of CD’s and DVD’s wrecked its value. Instead of throwing them in the bins, recycling them in totally a new art form is where the creativity counts. This will at least remind us of the good old retro days.

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