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Free download android call recorder app on Play Store

At present, there are lots of people who are still using ordinary phones. Among them, few are thinking to switch to android smartphones. Those people, who are thinking of an improvement in mobile technology, will definitely come across its basic applications. And one of the features that people usually overlook is android call recording software.
There are many recording tools available in Play Store, but it becomes difficult to identify as to which app is reliable. So, now you don’t need to keep looking for the best application, as we are suggesting you the consistent and reliable app which is the Total Recall android call recorder application accessible on Play Store.
People out there are very much in need of such recording application for their business purpose, for official purpose, for recording everyday personal conversations, etc. This app is downloaded by thousands of users across the globe and the only highly rated application on Play store. This app was out in the year 2004 and it is a US based application which comes with loads of exciting functions and features.
Total Recall offers one unique which features which other applications don’t is the 1 month free testing period, where you can test the application and hit upon its complicacies and experience the working of this app. The user interface of this application is very simple and can be easily operated by beginners. After the app is installed, it does not pop up any annoying advertisements.
The rare feature you can find in any other application is the two side recordings of call discussion. This auto call recorder records both incoming calls and outgoing calls and it records calls automatically at the moment you pick the call. The call recording quality of this app is super fine and you can clearly listen to the talks and conversation even with low volume. The background noise is also recorded clearly and the specialty of this app is it doesn’t make any beep sound when recording happens.
The main and amazing function this auto call recorder performs is the capability of storing files on server comprising of Gmail, Dropbox, Google drive, Evernote and sound cloud. Here, files can be automatically uploaded. Moreover, there is one more feature Microphone, which facilitates to record audio files like meetings, conferences, interviews, songs, class, etc.
The extraordinary feature of this application is it allows creating folders by contact name which let users reach to the particular recording in a jiffy. There are also search filters which allow searching recording by name, date. This helps users save plenty of time. Also, you can share files with anyone, like with your family members, friends, relatives and others by way of social media apps and you can transfer files using Bluetooth.
Overall, this android call recorder is very good, but the important thing which one must check is the compatibility of the application, as this application attunes with some particular device models. You can get the list of devices from Play Store where you can get the latest version of this app 2.0.28. And, for further news, you can check this link-

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