Hiring Dedicated Developers from ValueCoders

ValueCoders create dedicated offshore software development teams to address continual business environment changes and needs. Being agile in our approach, we consult, evaluate, plan and execute. We are clear about our strengths and focused on it. Our teams, dedicated to our clients, have developed some of the best software products.
1. No Obligation Free Trial For 2 Weeks :
We can help you in growing your business with minimum stress and maximum profits with investment of very low costing services of ours. We will deliver the best results with no burden and long term contract.
2. Guaranteed Satisfaction 100% :
We follow quality standards and guarantee to deliver the project on time. You can sleep safe by knowing that we are ISO 9001 Certified and can give the best results. And if any error occurs we will fix it at our cost without keeping you on risk.
3. Dedicated Resources With 100% :
Your project will be completed efficiently and on time by the dedicated resources allocated for your project and will never be pulled off till the finishing of your important task.
4. Supply Of A Grade Developers :
If you are planning for increasing your business and want to scale up a team. Let us know the required skill set and specifications of your project, we will find you the best talent to build up your dedicated team.
5. Reliable Communication :
You can keep a touch with the dedicated resources as little and often as you want by the help of Project Management Software. They will also be available to you on Skype and Video Chats.
6. Project Tracking Automated System :
You can easily keep a track of the task and projects with the help of our time tracking system and can have a minute by minute report of how much time was spent in completing each task.
7. Protected Ideas :
Your ideas can not be stolen by any of the freelancer as all of our properties are protected and can only be signed by our employees.
8. Customizable And Affordable Pricing :
We offer our clients with a great range of flexible staffing and payment modes for all types of business. Our customer service model provides you with ideal staffing solution.
9. Efficient Management Software:
By using our web based project management system you can easily view and organize the task of your project. And can have a complete picture of all your tasks.

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