Importance of history

The study of history is informative as well as instructive. It is a mirror in which passing cultures and Civilization are reflected clearly with comments of historians. {Culture means ″the customs‚ beliefs‚ art‚ music and all the other products of human thoughts.″ Its indicates attitudes to life.
Civilization means an advanced stage of human development marked by a height level of art‚ religion‚ science‚ and social and political organization. It indicates the developed political organization like government communications‚ industry‚ commerce‚ roads‚ buildings etc.}

There are two periods of history-the prehistoric time (before six thousand years) when writing was not possible to record events and the historic time during which recorded events were available. The pre-historic or unrecorded time is recreated through the stone tools‚ weapons‚ cave paintings and carvings‚ bones of men and animals‚ etc . Left by prehistoric men.

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