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Overlay Inset Tutorial

Learn how to make Overlay Inset effect in photoshop.

Create the text using black color as foreground with a white background.
This black text and white background appears in one layer not

then apply an emboss with these settings:

Angle : 135
Height : 2   Amount : 38%

You can experiment
with different settings to get your own effect for the filter. This will
speed the process because you dont have to guess a setting every time you
use this filter.

Change the layer mode from
normal to overlay. This can be done by the pull down menu
that appears on the layers palette. This should create the final

I’ve added a 3D sphere below the inset layer.
As you can see the effect applies itself to the layer directly below it
and only that layer. You can also invert the the inset by using CTRL +
and then inset should become an emboss.

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