What Makes a Good Website

Internet has become an important part of our daily lives. This is exactly why that every businessman, designer, writer and various people belonging to different walks of life want to have their own website or a blog over the internet in order to promote their business. A website is a perfect representation of your brand therefore; one must give a lot of important to the factors which helps in creating a good website. Your brand will be judges on the quality of your website so you need to make sure that it consists of all the characteristics of a good website. Websites are meant to acquire more clients and if the appearance or content of the website is not up to the mark, your websites will leave a bad impression of your brand.

good website

Creating a websites is an online investment and a website can make or break the image of your brand. Just like a recipe, even if a single ingredient is missing, it won’t taste good. Same goes for online websites because missing an ingredient will hurt the image of your website. Following are the most important characteristics for making a good website. If you are already an owner of a website of if you are planning to create a website, make sure all these characteristics are included:

Attractive Appearance

It is a universal fact that everyone loves beauty and people get attracted to the thing which is visually very appealing. Your website should have a very attractive look and at the same time it should appear as a thorough professional website. Always keep in mind that your website is representing your brand and it will make the first impression of your brand in your customer’s mind so you have to be very careful with the designing and development of the website. An attractive website will make a good impression of your company and will obviously make visitor stay on your website so that he can explore different things on it. A poor website will make a visitor leave regardless of the good content provided in your website.

Color combinations are the integral part of your website. Poor color combinations can be very discomforting for the eye. Don’t go over the board with the color combinations as it creates distractions. You need to user 2-3 colors which can blend well with each other and should be soothing to any eye.  The text on your website should be easily readable so make sure that the color of the background and the text color synchronize with each other. The usage of graphics should be limited to meaningful graphics only. Always remember that less is more so keep it simple yet attractive.

Quality Content

quality content

Content is the basic and the most important thing of any website. The reason why a visitor is visiting your website is mainly because he is looking for some good information regarding your brand. Whatever you have written on your website will create an image of your brand in the user’s mind. If a user is planning to buy a product from you, the content of the website will help him a lot in making the decision. The content of the website will help you in gaining the trust of the visitor. Poor content will harm the image of your brand and the visitor might never come back to your website again. Not only this, a bad impression of your website will make your brand suffer.

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The content of the website should be fresh and original. You need to make sure that your website is delivering the desired content to the visitors. Also, it is very important to keep the content of the website updated. An old and non updated website is a huge turn off for any visitor. You also need to proof read the content that you post on the website as poor grammar or spelling mistakes can hurt the credibility of your website. The information on your website should be useful and relevant. Do not make your visitors go in circles. Online world is very quick and rapid and in most cases you only have 10-15 seconds to make a visitor stay or leave your website. Well defined and divided content will help you a lot in making a visitor stay.

Functionality and Navigation

Every link, every component of your website should be in working order. Make sure that all the links on your website are functional and easy to use. Broken links are the most frustrating thing and a visitor will never visit your website again even if he founds one or two broken links. When a user clicks on a link, he expects to get the information he wanted and a broken link will only annoy him. Apart from functionality, your website should be user friendly and the navigation should be easy. The first thing you need to implement is simplicity. The loading of the pages should be fast and the page should not have a long scroll. Keep the layout consistent.


Creativity and Uniqueness

People are attracted to things which are usually unique and creative. Come up with a design which can stand out of the crowd. While designing a website, you need to keep in mind your target audience and design accordingly. You should always have something different and welcoming for a visitor. Apart from designing, you need to come up with some other creative ideas to attract your target audience. The uniqueness in your website will be your USP.

creative design

creative web design

best web design

Search Engine Optimization

While designing and developing a website, a lot of people ignore the important of SEO. Your website will be a success only if it is search engine friendly. If a user is unable to find your website through search engines, you are loosing out on half of your traffic. Researches on the keywords will prove to be helpful in making your website appear in the first pages of a search engine. Many people are not aware of SEO works, so if you do not have a good knowledge about it, learn about Search engine optimization so that you can use it properly for your website.

seo success marketing

Web Tracking

A tracker is one of the most important characteristics of a website. You need to keep a record of how many people visited your website, which pages were viewed by them. You can also get to know their locations and this will help you in knowing the region that can generate most of the traffic for your website. Since you can get to know about the pages frequently being visited on your website, you can work on the ones which are not attracting user’s attention.

web tracking

Link Building

Link building actually determines your ranking in search engine results. Find relevant websites that can be linked with your own website. Make sure you add your website’s link in your emails, social networking websites. Give users an option to share your link on other websites. This is a good way of promoting your website.

seo link building

Final Thoughts

One should never underestimate the important of an online website. Make sure your website consists of all the characteristics mentioned above. A website which is attractive, user friendly with good content can definitely help you in branding and making loyal customers.

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