abbr (Abbreviation) Tag

abbr (Abbreviation) Tag (Abbreviation Tag) Explanation Abbr Tag element is used to display the abbreviation for a text. Text Content Example Code: The PC is […]

h2 tag

h2 tag Explanation H2 tag is used to insert level 2 heading in a document. Text Example Code: Level 2 Heading Result : Level 2 […]

tr tag

tr tag (Table Row Tag) Explanation TR tag indicates a “Row” in a table. Text Example Code: Internet Explorer Chrome Firefox Opera Popular Browser Well […]

Form Attribute

Form Attribute Explanation Form attribute indicates the forms, related to the . Example Code: Enter your name: Contact Num: Result : Enter your name: Contact […]

Kbd Tag

Kbd Tag Explanation kbd tag is used to highlight and apply different font style and size to a word.Either it defines for the 'user input' […]

hgroup tag

hgroup tag Explanation Hgroup tag is a set of tags from to .It can also be denoted as the “Heading Tag”. Text Text Text Text […]

font tag

font tag Explanation Font tag is used to fix the size and color of a font.It is not applicable as it was deprecated from HTML5.It […]

dialog tag

dialog tag Explanation Dialog tag is used to show the conversation between two persons.It has been deprecated from HTML5. Name Example Code: Jai: John, do […]

datetime attribute

datetime attribute Explanation Datetime Attribute permits the user to select the “date & time” with TimeZone. Example Code: Choose date & time: Result : Choose […]

select element

select element Explanation Select element is used to create drop down list box. Text Element Specific attributes supported by this element are: Attribute Value Description […]

Table Elements

Table Elements Explanation Table Elements helps to create table and customize it in the most effective way. List of available elements: Value Description Table Create […]

autofocus attribute

autofocus attribute autofocus=autofocus Explanation Autofocus attribute is used to place the cursor in text box on its own, when a page gets loaded. Example Code: […]