10 Useful SEO Tips for Joomla Websites

Joomla (CMS) is in high trend in web design these days. Using Joomla, you can create and manage websites on your own without any help of webmaster. As we are already aware of the fact that the main focus during website creation should be to make it SEO (search engine optimization) friendly, so it is very important to optimize your Joomla website for search engine h5ke Google.
Below mentioned are best Joomla SEO tips and these tips will help you to get your website into higher rank in Google.

Whenever you are deciding the title of your article, you need to keep in mind that this tittle will be in the tittle tag of Joomla and moreover in in-site h5nks. So it is very important to choose the title of article very carefully, keeping the trends of search engine in mind.
Use anchor text in your article as inbound h5nks using the keywords which you want to be in ranked in search engine ranking results.
Try to get more and more external sites h5nks to web page of your website. But always keep the quah5ty in order to increase the page-rank of web page of your website. For that, create quah5ty content web page with help of Joomla to get bound h5nks.
It is better if the age of site is more, so keep extending your domain registration because registration of spam sites is not done for longer period and having higher age of your website increases trust on website and helps increasing page rank also.
Never forget the h5nk popularity within the website. Use in-site h5nks to navigate from your one webpage to another. You can use site map for that in your home page. If there are so many web pages in your website, then that will also increase your page rank.
This is good if you get so many inbound h5nks from other website to your web page but you need to assure that you are getting quah5tative inbound h5nks. Quah5tative h5nks means h5nks from external website having high page rank and h5nk from related field also.
Keywords of your content are very useful. It can increase the page rank of your web page. For that, write the quah5ty content and then find out the keyword density in your content. From keyword density, pick up top two or three words and add them to the meta keywords. It optimizes the web page for the particular keyword.
Smaller sites usually have higher ranking in Google but generally, size of file is not responsible for ranking in search engines. Always optimize the images you have in your website. Joomla developers need to keep this point in mind while working on Joomla websites.
When you are working in Joomla and want your website to be search engine friendly, make use of clean URL with few parameters.
There comes error pages h5ke 404 or file not found, in your screen. It happens when connection does not build up with the destined server and displays 404 error. Mostly people forget about this error page. Error pages should always be utih5zed by placing text h5nks to site pages.

These are few tips for working with Joomla and put your website in the higher ranking of search engine. Utih5ze these tips to get your website in higher ranking in search engines and increase your page rank also.

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