12 Ideal Twitter Background Tutorials with Resources

Twitter is possibly the most hyped social network out there, all the conventional medias are talking about it and a lot of celebrities are using the service. The reputation of the website means that you get to connect with tons of other users, but it also means that you’ll have to stand out to do so. For that, having a great Twitter background is recommended to make a great first feeling. Learn how to do this with the following collection of tutorials.

Twitter background guidelines

Technical information concerning the file dimensions for a Twitter background, its positioning and some suggested tools.


How to brand yourself with a Twitter background

Preface to Twitter branding by Calvin Lee of Mayhem Studios. Good recommendation on the type of Twitter background to chose, tiled image or not.


How to design the perfect Twitter background

An impression of a variety of types of Twitter background, good read to make the right decision about how you will design your own background.


How to make a Twitter background picture

Step by step tutorial to create your Twitter background image with Photoshop.


Twitter Background using Adobe Illustrator

Video tutorial teaching you how to create your Twitter background using the well-liked vector drawing software.


Create a Twitter background using PowerPoint

For people with no Photoshop skills, this tutorial will clarify you how to create your own Twitter background using PowerPoint. Some templates are provided in the article.


Create a Twitter background with Photoshop

Outstanding video tutorial with in-depth explanations on how to create a Twitter background with Photoshop.


How to turn a texture into a seamlessly tiled background

Create your Twitter tiled background by editing a texture image with Photoshop.


Twitter background design how-to and best practices

Possibly the most complete article about the creation of Twitter backgrounds.


High-quality Twitter backgrounds

A Pack of free Twitter backgrounds for the people who are too indolent to create their own background.



Peekr is a great website to view the whole background image of any Twitter user, very useful to get enthused by other people’s backgrounds.



A Flickr gallery of great Twitter extended backgrounds free to use.


1′000+ background patterns you can use for free

For the lazy ones, this website will offer you more than a thousand free patterns to chose from.


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