15+ Flash ActionScripting 3.0 Tutorials

Using Flash correctly, allows you to create dazzling visual experience and offer your visitors remarkable user interaction. Flash’s strength lies in its aptitude to showcase extraordinary visual solutions, counting graphic motion, videos and sound. 15+ Flash and Actionscript 3.0 tutorials which can augment your design skills and may serve as an stimulation for your Flash-projects.

Controlling the Timeline with ActionScript 3

Flash CS3 allows you to create either an ActionScript 2 or ActionScript 3 document. There are a number of ways ActionScript 3 is dissimilar from version 2. One of the first changes designers is no longer being able to attach a script to a button instance. In the following steps you’ll learn how to manage buttons using ActionScript 3 while creating a direct for selecting perennials.


Create a 3D Sliding Puzzle Game in Flex with ActionScript 3.0 and Away3D

Flash Platform is a great tool to create games, moreover for internet or mobile content. With the preface of Flash 3D Engines, the aptitude and success of creating flash games is even bigger. In this tutorial we are going to construct up a simple sliding puzzle. Puzzle images are dynamically loaded and sliced so you can easily use your own images if you like. Learn, try and leave a comment presentation your results.


View DemoDownload Source

Expanding the Flash Actionscript 3.0 Videoplayer

Alright, here’s the second part of the video player tutorial. We will be adding the following new features:
– Playlist support
– Fullscreen support
– Save volume
– Clickable progress/volume bar

You can preview the final result of this tutorial here.


Download Source

Create a Card Flip Effect For Flash Player 10 using ActionScript 3

It surprises me that one of the most commented upon and downloaded classes from my blog is a card flipping effect. With that in mind, I contemplation it might be an interesting exercise to reconstruct this effect targeting Flash Player 10. As of the writing of this article, Flash Player 10 Beta (Astro) and the corresponding API documentation have been released. This article will step you through the classes used to attain a card flipping effect using the new rotation Y property that exists in Flash Player 10.


Flash Player 10 DownloadCardflip Sample File

Create a AS3 MP3 Player with papervision3d spectrum display

As we’ve already promised you, here’s the tutorial about how to create a 3d spectrum display from a sound file with papervision3d and flash. On this tutorial, we’ll focus on the 3d part.


Download Source

Extending the Actionscript 3.0 / Flash CS3 Slideshow with XML

In this second part tutorial we’re going to add some more features to the slideshow application.

Those would be forwarding and rewinding slides, play and pause the slideshow and linkable slides. If you haven’t read the first part tutorial yet, you should do it before continue. You can read it here.


Creating a Weather Widget with XML and Actionscript 3.0

In this tutorial I’m presenting you a little weather widget, that could come handy for travel websites, or our individual page. If you make some changes on the code, you could show a dissimilar interface on your website, according to the weather on your city. Attractive cool stuff. We gonna connect weather.com XML data file with our flash widget. Weather.com offers us a free service to do that.


Download Source

Creating a AIR Web Service Package with Flash and Actionscript 3.0 –
Base Service Class And Simple Twitter API

In this series of tutorials, you will learn the basics of architecting a simple but powerful Web Services Package. We’ll start off by creating a class which will be the base of all our services and then continue to create a very simple Twitter API.


Adobe Intergrated Runtime (AIR) for Flash CS3Download Source

Customizing Flash Context Menu Using AS3

This tutorial will teach you how to modify the circumstance menu by removing the default items and adding your own items instead.


Trendy Custom Cursor Using the Action Script 3

This lesson, explained in tremendous detail, will teach you how to create fashionable custom cursor using a little action script code. You can use this lesson, when you like to hide a standard cursor and use a custom cursor. Let’s start!


Implement the basic Flash CS3 drag-and-drop technique

Add that little bit of extra dynamism to your website by introducing drag-and-drop to the user experience.


Modern Preloader with ActionScript 3

In this tutorial I will show you how you can create a modern preloader with ActionScript 3. It is really easy to change the look of the preloader to fit for your needs!


Vertical 3D Carousel with ActionScript 3

In this tutorial I will show you how to create a vertical 3D carousel with the help of ActionScript 3! We will determine the rotation speed according to mouse movement.


Mp3 player with volume slider using Actionscript 3

Flash ActionScript 3.0 tutorial, this time we will be making a mp3 player with a volume slider, I must confess, I tried making one some month ago, it didn’t work out that well, but I assure you, this works great so just follow along or download the source code at the bottom.


Building flash video player


ColorPicker Component in Flash CS3

In this easy Flash movie, the user can draw with the mouse on a board. The user can decide the color and the depth of the stroke. For choosing color, we use the new ActionScript 3 component, ColorPicker.


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