15+ Mesmerizing Digital Painting Tutorials

Mesmerizing Digital paintings are one art and design tendency that isn’t going away any time soon. Digital paintings (examples) are vivacious, display well on screen and take benefit of new technologies like the graphics tablet to make the digital look conventional. If you’re fascinated in learning to create art through this medium, here are over 35+ tutorials to help you commence (or continue) the escapade.

1. Skin Tones Part 1

Hello, so here is the first of an additional tutorial spawned by the last one. Skin tones.
What and how. Well, as I started writing this I realized I left out some significant things, principally, what are the colors used in other racial types, so that will come with the other sections of this. Anyway, here is the first image. And this is what I have to say about it…


2. Skin Tones Part 2

Ok, so the first part was about tones, now this one is going to be a undemanding walkthrough of blocking in the stuff that is significant first, and embellishing as you go. I will post a few dissimilar types of approaches, this happens to be my preferred. ITs like digital prima, just go for it baby!!!


3. Gunman by Craig Mullins

An exceptional look into the early stages of Craig’s work, commencement at how he establishes a loose sketch and progresses into how he lays out broad areas of glow and shadow.


4. Revising Golongrias Picture

Ok this time I will explain how I took someone else’s sketch and developed it a little additional. The unique image here was done by Golongria and it struck me as incredible that had probable. The hair and pose overlooking the ocean were attractive to me: the image told a story.


5. Happy Like a Broken Doll

Kss is has been an Elite GFXartist member since the first nominations. His exceptional style can be predictable instantaneously and although it might look like a filter frenzy at first sight, you’ll notice that each artwork has been cautiously crafted. No wonder he is on the top our tutorial list and in this tutorial Kss shows the steps he has taken throughout the creation of “happy like a broken doll”, one of his most popular works. Kss’ comments are short, but you know what they say about images, they speak more than a thousand words.


6. Human Skin

In this tutorial I will show you how to create a palette of (human)skin colors and how to later use it in a painting. I’m creating colors for a white person, although there is no scrupulous reason for this except that these are the colors I’m most recognizable with. This method works well for creating other skin tones as well, just the Hue will be dissimilar.


8. Painting Human Lips


9. How to Make a Planet

This tutorial should step you through making a unique, yet realistic-looking planet using Adobe Photoshop 7, and ONLY Adobe Photoshop 7. We’re working small here, so keep in mind that the larger you work, the harder the planet will be to create (just a bit more work as size increases).


10. Space Craft Prototyping

Welcome to this concise demonstration of transport design and how to rapidly prototype a space vessel. When asked to fabricate fresh idea designs for sci-fi spaceship, you face the undesirable task of steering clear of obtainable styles and influences, unless particularly asked for a imitation ship by your client or art director.


11. Sci-Fi Environment Concept tutorial

1. Using the instance of this Sci-Fi Surroundings Perception I am gonna tell you a bit of how i approach and conclude a painting. There are several pretty dissimilar ways of how i commence with an image.


12. Digital Illustration Workflow

Chris has kindly asked me to run through some of the basic techniques I use when putting an image collectively in Sketchbook Pro.  The thought behind the request is perhaps to give confidence folk to realize that if someone as thick as me can do it, anyone can…


13. Scene Rendering

Christian Grajewski is 26 years young and lives in Germany. He studied Product Design in the 8th semester at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts in Hannover.  His passion for sketching and drawing brought him to study product design after a friend showed him  “the Art of Star Wars” book.  He tells us,


14. Abstract Dragon


15. Liberate Your Colors

Create a portrait using every colour in the spectrum as your palette. Bao Pham shows you how…


16. Painting a faerie scene

Melanie Delon shows you how to create our interestingly stunning cover image…


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