20+ Free Adobe Photoshop Fantasy Signature Tutorials with PSDs

We arrange a set of Adobe Photoshop Fantasy Signature Tutorials for you, where from you can learn about image filter using, illustration, freebies stuff, manipulating and many other tool training tutorials who can help web designers and graphic designers, enjoy!!!

Final Fantasy Photoshop Signature Tutorial

In this photoshop signature tutorial we will be making a Final Fantasy signature, using a final fantasy render, the photsohop liquify filter, a cinema4d render, and splatter brushes. The PSD file can be downloaded in the Premium section. You can find the Final Fantasy render here. The cinema4d render we used can be downloaded here. I positioned directions on how to color the cause to be appropriately to match the color of your signature in the tutorial. I am not allowable to share the splash brushes here, though you should find abundance of good brushes online. Let’s get started, here’s the result of the tutorial…


Full Metal Alchemist photoshop signature tutorial

Welcome to this Full Metal Alchemist signature tutorial. We will be using some cool consequence by brushing collective with the relocate and sharpen filter to create texture, as well as extract masks combined with Photoshop modification layers. You can download the signature PSD…


Code Geass Signature tutorial 2

Welcome to this CodeGeass Photoshop Signature tutorial. We will be using a code geass character, a large render, and special filter effects to accomplish the final result.


Final Fantasy Signature Tutorial

Welcome to this Final Fantasy Signature Tutorial. We will use the Filter Liquify tool to generate some exceptional effect of flow, a light beam effect and we will clutch two space stock pictures to realize the final result.


Metal Gear Solid Signature Tutorial

cWelcome to a Metal Mechanism Solid Signature tutorial. This signature has an elective colored outcome. We will be using some cinema4d renders, and the smudge and blur tool. This signature PSD was formerly made by nFx. Before you start, find some cinema4d renders and a metal gear concrete picture or some other type of stock.


Photoshop Skateboarder Signature Tutorial

In this tutorial we will be making this good looking Skateboarder Signature. We will be using two cinema4d renders to create the signature…


Vega Photoshop Signature Render tutorial

Welcome to this basic Signature render tutorial. We’re going to use renders to create a good looking signature, teaching you the basics and techniques to add depth and flow to your signature.


Abstract Space Tag design tutorial

In this tutorial we will be making this very creative abstract space design tag. It uses an assortment of space stocks and some resources to texture the canvas. What’s significant is that you don’t want to try to reconstruct this exact image. Somewhat learn the techniques used to make this design, then apply your creativity to your own work of art.


Half Life Photoshop Signature Tutorial

In this tutorial we will be making this overwhelming Half Life photo manipulated signature. We start out by taking a good looking background, and place a completely random character that has little to do with it into the canvas. We will show you methods to combine this character in, and how to add deepness to the background as well as making a landscape that seems to make sense. This remarkable tag was designed by Castro. Let’s get going!


Guitarist Photoshop Signature Tutorial

We will be making this guitarist signature created by Castro. Discretionary in this tutorial is the use of the topaz filter. It does not add that much to the final result, so you can merely skip this step if you don’t like the plugin or the filter. This signature uses a lot of alteration layers, I tried recitation them as high-quality as I could.


Radiohead Photoshop signature tutorial

Hey everyone, we’re going to create this overwhelming radiohead signature, designed by a immense artist named castro. He has designed numerous astonishing tags that we will be featuring soon. This signature makes good use of amalgamation settings to color the signature, and the pen tool to design some good flow around our focal point. Before you start this tag, make sure you have some good original brushes ready to use.


Gorillaz Photoshop tag tutorial

Today we will learn how to make the signature below, using Pen Tool, some patterns, the erase tool and stock insertion. Its a very straightforward, yet effectual technique to create gorgeous looking tag. For a signature like this to look good you will need some good stock although, one with a lot of dissimilar characters or detail on it. I will post the stock below. Enjoy!


Bodies Photoshop tag tutorial

We will be making this hot signature created by scalper. This tutorial has another discretionary result, where we merely hide the gradient overlay adjustment layer and keep the innovative coloring. For this to work though you will need a good looking stock with attractive colors. Our result in this tutorial looked immense both with and without the modification layer. I will include a animation file that shows you step by step how the tag was made at the bottom of the tutorial. Lets get started.


Greenwoman photoshop tag tutorial

Thanks for presentation this tutorial. We will be making a good looking tag with the use of numerous cinema4d effects. The innovative tag was designed by Scalper, he is working with me to support SignatureStop with fresh contented every day. He has uploaded many of his overwhelming cinema4d renders, which will be available for download in the possessions section. This is one of his tag tutorials that we will feature in the following days. The result:


Massive c4d tag photoshop tutorial

Welcome to this tutorial. This tag was designed by Scalper, we will be featuring more of his great work very soon, this is one of his simple yet effective cinema4d tags. To create this tag, you will need a few cinema4d renders. You can find plenty in our resources section. You will also need a pattern, which I will provide in this tutorial. The result of this tag tutorial:


Anima Photoshop tag tutorial

In this tutorial we will be making this tag designed by Anima. The only stock we will be using is the render of the attractive woman. We will create some sort of rainbow effect with the gradient tool to give the tag its color. This tag relies greatly on your abilities with the smudge tool and your creativity. The background is completely made out of brushing and smudging. The result of this tutorial:


Beautiful Smudge Photoshop tag tutorial

We will be making this good looking smudge tag today, designed by Sly. Clutch a good looking colorfull render, since that’s all the stock we will be using separately from a splatter brush and vector shape or brush. To create this tag we will be using manifold clipping masks (you should know the basics of clipping masks though we will elucidate the details somewhat), the paint daubs filter effect, the liquefy filter effect and some gradient maps. The result:


Aco photoshop tag tutorial

In this tutorial we will be making this sweet tag with the use of a stock, a cinema4d render, lots of smudging and some pattern techniques. Discretionary in this tutorial is the pattern we create on top of the text, you can moreover use your own pattern or leave it out. We have some patterns available in the Resources section if you’re looking for some. In this tutorial I tried to elucidate the significance of flow and how you use it in a tag:


Chronus Crusade signature V2.0

Hey everyone, time for some free signature PSDs! I’ve gathered these great looking signatures, one photoshop signature created by Roroni, one photoshop signature created by nfx, and one photoshop signature created by castro. These PSD files should help you discover some new techniques and effects. Feel free to experiment and play around with these PSD files, however please respect the artists and do not claim to have made them yourself. I will be giving out more free signature PSD files in the future, so make sure to check back soon!


Download this signature

The Full Metal Alchemist


Download this signature

This Sprite signature


Download this signature

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