3D Shade Effect in Photoshop

This tutorial will help you that how to make 3D Shadings. I have used very simple method in this tutorial and hope you will get it easily. Enjoy!

Step 1:

Create new document of 550 * 300 pixels and make gradient there and also you can set your own background, now i am using pink color gradient.

Step 2:

Now select Text Tool (T) and place any text on canvas. I am using text with font "Battleline" with white color and Anti-aliasing method is sharp.

Step 3:

Make new layer using short key CTRL + SHIFT + N and then press CTRL + [ this command will send 1 step down to new layer. Now press Ctrl button and click on text layer thumb you will get selection there.

Step 4:

Now I am going to make here shadow just follow these easy steps. Make shadow color in foreground e.g. #272727 and then select Marquee Tool (M). Press Alt + Backspace it will fill foreground color in selection. And now press down arrow and then press right arrow and then again press Alt + Backspace you will get one more level of shadow. Repeat this step 10 times and also set opacity of layer 60%.

Step 5:

If you see in above image 3D shadow has been done but now Ii would like to use some effect to make it more beautiful. Select layer of shadow and go to Filter Menu > Blur > Motion Blur. Give angle -45 and distance 30 pixels.

Now we have this result after applying blur effect.

Step 6:

Select Eraser Tool (E) and erase shadow from top and left sides

Step 7:

Apply linear gradient with angle 90.

Step 8:

Apply stroke with these values: Size: 1 pixel Position: Inside Color: 10a1ce

Step 9:

Apply glow style.

Step 10:

Apply Bevel and Emboss effect.

Step 11:

Apply Satin effect.

After all effects final result is this.

I hope this tutorial will helpful for you

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