50 Most Awesome Photo Manipulation Tutorials

I wanted to post an article containing the best photo manipulation tutorials that have been written on the web. I have searched many sites to come up with 60 of the best there is. Photo manipulation is an extreme art of digital design. Here is round up of 50 best photo manipulation tutorials

I hope you have enjoyed this article. If I have missed out any other awesome photo manipulations, please provide the links to those in the comment section. It will be much appreciated.

Create a fantasy landscape Photo manipulation

Combine digital painting and photo manipulation to create a platform environment

Create a photo manipulation of a flooded city scene : 2012 effect

Create a Dark Post-Apocalyptic city illustration

Create a flying land illustration on fire

Create a post-apocalyptic photo manipulation

Create a Spy Fly photo manipulation

Create a Steam Punk stlye illustration

Create a Sparkling fantasy photo manipulation

Turn humdrum photos into cinematic portraits

Create a touching story scene

How to apply textures to uneven surfaces

Create a surreal photo manipulation with twisting water

Create a dark surreal illustration

Create a digital illustration using birds

Create a flaming girl photo manipulation

Create an explosive cover with precise photo manipulation techniques

Achieve HDR style effects in Photoshop

Photo manipulating an image into a realistic night scene

Transforming a day light image into a wild night

Awesome photo realistic coloring techniques

Add dynamic lighting to a flat photograph

Photoshop your own money

Removing objects from photos : beyond the healing brush

Applying a realistic tattoo

Back to space : case study by Patrick Monkel

The making of constant slip

Create dynamic distortion effects

Combine photo elements to create a surreal photo manipulation

Creative photoshop animal king photo manipulation

Design an epic fantasy scene with photoshop

Drastically change the mood and color tone of images in photoshop

Create a stylish two tone photo montage

Photoshop quick tips : Edgy style photo treatment

Create a waterfall and a colored sky blending manipulation

Create a slow motion bullet shot effect

Design a dramatic and surreal rainy scene

The making of the mystic

Create a spectacular concept art in photoshop

Create a fantastic disintegration effect

Stunning dragon attack with 3D features

Create Glass transparency in a cute photo manipulations

Create a fantasy map illustration

Blend a Planet transparently into a Photo manipulation

Mold Paint splatter into a face in Photoshop

Create a Photo manipulation with your own photos and textures

Create a chilling Photo manipulation

Create a severed arm in Photoshop : SAW Stlye

Create a futuristic Photo manipulation

Create a dark emotional Photo manipulation

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