7 Tips for Effective Business Cards

Giving a card to a customer contact is an important first step in developing a business relationship. Professional printing services can contribute towards that relationship by ensuring that the card is of high quality and appropriate design.

Giving a card to a customer contact is an important first step in developing a business relationship. Business card printing should make a professional and positive statement about the quality of an enterprise. Professional printing services can contribute towards making that statement by ensuring that the card is of high quality and appropriate design.

Give Out a Card When Networking.

A good first impression is important in a business relationship. This impression is often made by giving a new acquaintance or business contact a card. The card is a useful promotional tool because it is portable and reusable. It can be given at any appropriate opportunity, such as business gatherings or social occasions. Self promotion is rarely a social faux pas.

A Simple Design is Important.

An effective business card has a simple yet memorable design. The efficacy of the card depends on how well it attracts the attention of a potential consumer. The card’s language should be everyday English and omit jargon particular to the industry.  Clearly stating contact details in a prominent position is important. A good card has a design that can be grasped in one quick look.

A Simple Font is Easily Understood

Using a simple font on a card enhances its effectiveness. Although a fancy font is tempting when designing, it will only be distracting on a card. The small surface of the card does not lend itself to intricate details and the impact of an unusual font is lost. Using a clear font also conveys professionalism and a business like attitude.

The Content of the Card Should be Relevant.

The content of the card should be relevant to the business. Concentrating on business activities rather than the name or logo is more effective. A simple description of the goods or services will make the card a useful accessory for a customer. Omitting the business function and focussing on the company’s name is unproductive.

Quality of the Card

Many printing services offer cheap bulk printing of cards. However, bulk print runs can result in low quality. A smaller run of higher quality cards is more productive. When printing business cards, ask to see a sample of the different cards offered and choose one that mixes good quality with a reasonable price. The quality of the printing and card will reflect the professionalism of the business.

Print on the Back

Often a card will get reversed in a customer’s wallet. Alternatively a customer may wish to write something on the back of the card. Printing information about your business on the back of the card will reinforce branding and is an effective marketing tool.

Size is Important.

It is important when ordering cards that they are of a suitable size. A card that does not fit in a standard wallet is not likely to be kept by the consumer. Ensure that business cards are the right size to fit in a wallet, purse or card holder.
Cards are a very good marketing tool for any professional company and its employees. The card is a reflection of the company’s work ethos and professionalism. A high quality card which is of simple yet elegant design will work effectively for many years.

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