Add Extra Security to your Ecommerce Website

Online shopping has become the go word for many people who enjoy the freedom of shopping from the comforts of their home at any time of the day. However, this technology comes with its own set of pros and cons. There is no denying the fact the shopping online is perhaps the most convenient way to make purchases these days. However, we cannot forget the fact that the internet security is always being risked and that there is always a threat of compromising our sensitive bank related details. This one simple flaw has been a standalone reason for some buyers to shop online and they still prefer the good old way.

It is the duty of the business owner to build the trust between him and his customers that their information is secure and that they are not exposed to any sort of threat because of shopping through their portal. This trust can only be built if the security measures are enhanced and the customers are convinced that their sensitive information is indeed safe. Here are three quick tips to ensure that your customers believe in the sanctity of your commitment.

Display the SSL certificate

The SSL certificate is the equivalent of seal of trust that is formed between the buyer and the seller. SSL certificate makes all the data that is passed between the user’s computer and the destination server unreadable to the hacker by encrypting it. They also help in authenticating the server which means that the hackers cannot trick the customers into trusting them for the real server. This certificate is an absolute necessity for an ecommerce business to acquire and suitably display to its customers so that they can trust and transact with your portal. While the business owners will go to great lengths to prove their authenticity it is also the duty of the user to remain well informed and cautious.

Implement visual cues as reassurances

SSL certificates may be too technical for some users who need more than just fancy terms to assure them that their information is indeed safe. The ecommerce websites can implement visual cues like security icons and badges on the checkout page that can assure the buyers that they are in safe hands. It has been proved by studies that these visual cues are more effective in building trust than the actual certificates which are a real certification. The customers need to be reassured at every single page that they are not being tricked and that their information is absolutely secure.

Meet security standards as set by Authorities

The portals have to meet the standards of security as set by the authorising bodies. If your business accepts payments by cards, then they must meet all the standards of security so that all the card information that is being exchanged through your website is safe and cannot be intercepted by a cyber thief. To keep themselves ahead of such breaches, just as a security threat is unveiled, there is a fix that comes out almost immediately. However, the customers must make a conscious effort to keep their antivirus protection up to date so that any threats can be detected and removed without causing any further damage. is a reliable website to check out the latest threats and the best software available to fight it.

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