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Facebook has been on top of the many social networking sites since a long time now. But what has changed over the years is the landscape of the site. It has become more and more challenging to get people like your content and become a fan. It is vital to realize the importance of planning your strategy for acquiring genuine facebook fan page likes from the people rather than just racing on to reach the top of other competitors.

Basic Strategies

First thing you need to know is If you are building a Facebook Page, will the fans come? Keeping this hope is very essential as fans just don’t emerge from the huge mist created by Facebook. People must be tempted to your fan page, and as there exists both sides of performing any task, there are good and bad sides of doing this as well. But Facebook has been monitoring such illegitimate techniques one of them being the change of "Become A Fan” button to the new, omnipresent “Like” button and a fan page is now called as a “Business Page” or “Facebook Page”.

The Myth

Once you have created a Facebook page for your business, it doesn’t really mean you should just spread the links on everyone’s wall like a virus. You should not even just start using ‘Suggest to Friends’ feature to get all the traffic. This strategy will unfortunately be not effective at all and in many cases can even backfire. This myth needs to be realized as once your Facebook page gets banned, you might have to start ALL over again.

Getting to the Point

You might experience some trouble trying to attract likes to your newly created page in the beginning, but getting to the point and working in a planned way will help you solve this starting problem. In order to boost your page, webmasters often spend lots and lots of money in marketing, advertising, etc. Similarly you might want to consider buying your Facebook page likes initially. This would help you boost up the liking process. Buying around 1000 likes for your page will give you the power to appeal to the viewers and an already liked page has the tendency to attract more. Asking a professional social media optimizer will help you achieve this goal easily.

Why you get less likes to your newly created Facebook page

1) Your Facebook page is unpopular – An unpopular page is obvious to get least likes as it signifies its poor content or creativity.
2) Your Facebook page has less likes – In case you are not opting to buy some likes for your newly created page, you are tend to get lost in the mist as a viewer often tends to ignore a page having less likes.
3) Your Page lacks the ‘X’ factor – The first and foremost thing is that your page should appeal to its viewers. Lack in the ‘X’ factor will eventually lead to less page likes.

Some techniques to increase your likes

1) Add your email signature

It would be a great idea to include the link to your fan page in every email you send. This technique will prove to be better than promoting you Facebook personal profile.

2) Make an appealing welcome video

Create an attractive landing page with a video that explains exactly what your fan page is about, who it’s for and why they should become members. The result will be you’ll increase your conversion rate from visitors to fans.

3) Get fans to tag photos

In case you have been hosting events or exhibitions, taking a lot of photos and uploading them on your Facebook Page will encourage your fans to like your page. Also encourage them to tag themselves on your photos which will in return benefit you as your photo will now generate a network and will be visible even on your fan’s wall visible to all his friends as well. A picture is the best way to attract visitors, make it attractive and take the click worth it.

4) Using print media

Using print media has always been a best marketing strategy of any business owner. Taking all the options into consider for marketing your niche of business, select the most appropriate. Display your Facebook page link on all your business cards, letterhead, brochure, print newsletter, magazine ads, products, etc.

A right approach and planning is very important to get 1000+ likes to you page and it would just be a matter of time if you strategize your work properly. Just remember it’s not only about the quantity of “Likes” but the quality.

About The Author: Kate is a blogger by profession. She is fond of reading, writing and travelling. Recently she read an article on living room design ideas. These days she is busy doing a research on iPhone hacks  for her next piece.

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