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Inner Tables

Inner Tables How to create tables inside table columns?How to control space between table cells? Explanation Table inside table Many a times we will be […]

HTML Anchor Tag

HTML Anchor Tag How to make the links within the page and add a link with attributes?What is anchor tag? Explanation – Anchor tagThe anchor […]

Web Page Auto Redirection

Web Page Auto Redirection I want to auto redirect web pages after some time interval?Html Tag or Code for redirection of a web page to […]

Embedding Audio/Sound in background

Embedding Audio/Sound in background How to add or embed audio as background in html files? Explanation EMBEDDING AUDIO:It will be nice to hear a background […]

HTML form with submit button as image

HTML form with submit button as image How to submit a form using image as button?Html Button style. Explanation Image button:Normally we use the submit […]

HTML Form Basic Types

HTML Form Basic Types What are the different type of forms?How to create html form? Explanation Form Basic Types There are many types of forms. […]

Address Bar Icon in HTML page

Address Bar Icon in HTML page How to put an address bar icon on my website?What is favicon and how can I add it? Explanation […]

HTML Button Tag

HTML Button Tag How to create a button in html page?How to make the button disabled?How to use image as a button? Explanation Button Example […]

HTML Fieldset and Legend Tags

HTML Fieldset and Legend Tags How to draw outline or boxes around the elements in the html page using fieldset? How Legend tag is used […]

Beginners Guide – Creating html

Beginners Guide – Creating html How to create a html file?Beginner guide to html! Explanation For Windows Users: a)Open notepad or wordpadb)Save the file as […]

Special/ASCII Characters in HTML

Special/ASCII Characters in HTML Explanation The ASCII characters listed below shows the value for each special character in HTML and a brief description of the […]

Mail Link Code

Mail Link Code I want to create links that can be used for mailing?How to create a mailto link? Explanation HTML MAIL: Its simple.In the […]