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tfoot tag

tfoot tag Explanation Tfoot tag is used to place the cells at the bottom of the table. Text Text Example Code: Airline From – To […]

samp (Sample) tag

samp (Sample) tag (Sample Tag) Explanation Samp tag is used to highlight and show the text in different font style and size. Text Example Code: […]

menu element

menu element Explanation Menu element allows an user to create options as per his/her choice. Text Element Specific attributes supported by this tag are: Attribute […]

td tag

td tag (Table Data Tag) Explanation TD tag mentions a individual cell in a table. Text Element Specific attributes supported by this tag are: Attribute […]

max attribute

max attribute Explanation Max attribute provides the maximum values for the . Example Code: Pick a date before 2000-01-01: Result : Pick a date before […]

style attribute

style attribute style=style_definitions Explanation Style attribute is used to fix the “Inline Style” for a particular element. Use this attribute to overrule the default style […]

Global Attributes

Global Attributes Explanation Global Attributes are applicable to all the elements in HTML5.It is also referred as Standard Attributes. List of available attributes: Attribute Description […]

em (Emphasis) tag

em (Emphasis) tag (Emphasis Tag) Explanation EM tag is used to emphasize a text i.e. highlights a word/text in a document.It displays the text in […]

br element

br element (Break element) Explanation br element inserts single line break in between the contents. Title Content Example Code: Hscripts Hscripts website offers a collection […]

optgroup element

optgroup element Explanation Optgroup element is used to categorize the set of options in the drop down list box. TextText Element Specific attributes supported by […]

option element

option element Explanation Option element is used to create the options/choices in a drop down list box. Text Element Specific attributes supported by this element […]

sup tag

sup tag (Superscript Tag) Explanation Sup tag is used to show a text above the normal base line. Text Example Code: Nano is a metric […]