Contact Form Validation in Dreamweaver

In Dreamweaver there is a very simple and easy way to apply contact form validation on field and in this article I will so you exactly how to achieve this.

Step 1: Create the form with your required fields.

This is a simple html form which I am going to use for validation.
Dreamweaver ASP Contact Form Tutorial

Step 2: Apply the validation to the form elements

When your form will be ready then go on Window Menu and select Behaviors from there. A window will be appear on your side panel there will be some other tabs like "Attributes", "Tags" and "Behaviors". Now select the Submit Button and click on "+" sign under the Behaviors tab. A window of behaviors will be open and you will find different behaviours which you can use for different tasks. Select "Validate Form" now.
Adobe Dreamweaver Tutorial Validate Contact Form

Step 3: Select required validations for fields

This dialog will be open when you will select Validate Form behavior. Here you will see all text fields which you have used in contact form. Now select one by one field for validation and apply checks from under the "Fields" area. Here you will find following checks.

  1. Value Required: Check this if you want user must enter this field
  2. Accept: Here you will see different radio buttons with captions
    • Anything: User can enter anything.
    • Number: Only numbers will be entering.
    • Email address: This check will be for email validation
    • Number from: You can specify range of numbers.

Adobe Dreamweaver Tutorial Validate Contact Form

Step 4: Test applied validation

After you have applied the Validation that you require, Save the Document and test it by not entering in anything into the fields. You should get a pop up box like this.
Adobe Dreamweaver Tutorial Contact Form Validation

There we have it, you can now apply form validation to your Contact Forms.

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