Convert a Photo into Pencil Sketch using Photoshop

Mostly you see hand drawn pictures in real life of celebrities, famous places and most of other things. And most of people want to make their own or favorite pictures like that. Using Photoshop this is quite easy everyone can make pictures like hand drawn or pencil sketched. Today we will let you know that how to convert any photo into pencil sketch in Photoshop. Follow these easy steps and enjoy!

Here is the wallpaper which I selected for this tutorial


There are a lot of ways to make it in Photoshop, but I will show you the easiest way with an acceptable result. Here we go, fire up Adobe Photoshop and open up your prettiest photo. After that follow the following guide.

Step 1.

Duplicate the photo by selecting Layer > Duplicate Layer.

Step 2.

Make sure the duplicated layer is selected and go to Image > Adjustments > Desaturate. This will remove all the color from the duplicated layer and turn it into black and white.

Black and white

Step 3.

To make the final look better, here we need to increase the contrast a little, go to Image > Adjustments > Brightness/Contrast. Drag the Contrast slider to the right to a value of about 20.

Step 4.

Once again, duplicate the desaturated layer; make sure this new duplicated layer is selected, and then go to Image > Adjustments > Invert. This will make the photo into something like the following.

Photoshop tutorial

It does look a little odd, but don’t worry… the best is yet to come.

Step 5.

Now, change the blend mode to color dodge. This will make the photo almost completely white.

Color dodge

Step 6.

Now this is the final step which will really turn the photo into a sketch. Go to Filter > Blur > Gaussian Blur. Depending on the photo you are using, adjust he Radius setting to achieve the best sketch effect.

Gaussian blur

Here is the final result… does it look like it’s done by pencil sketching?

Pencil sketch

Okay, what if you wanted to have a colored sketch? No problem, let’s colorize our photo.

Step 7.

Duplicate the original layer (the original photo with color) and move it to the top of all the layers. Set its Blending Mode to Hard Light. Next, duplicate this layer, and set its Blending Mode to Color. Adjust the Opacity of this layer to achieve a more realistic effect…

Check out my colored sketch below.

Colored sketch photo

Hope you enjoyed this Photoshop tutorial. Must give your precious comments on this.

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