Creating Reflective Text Effect in Photoshop

Today I am going to make a simple on reflection of text. I will do this simplest and most frequently used techniques in Photoshop.
Hope you will learn and enjoy with this tutorial. Your comments will be precious for me so must give your comments.

Step 1

First off, let’s start by creating a new canvas, with the following attributes…

Step 2

Then let’s put some text down to start with, I am going to start with something simple…

Step 3

Double click on layer or go on Layer menu and then select "Layer Styles". Select Gradient from there and give this color scheme

Apply #5ea6ff color on location 0, #008aff color location 44 and #7abfff on location 100

after this step you will get this effect.

Step 4

In this step apply Bevel and Emboss and follow all settings from screen below.

Step 5

Now follow these values and apply inner glow on text.

Step 6

finally apply Inner shadow on that layer.

now finally your will see this effect

Step 7

Convert current layer to Smart Object from Layer menu and select Smart Object and then Convert to Smart Object or Right click on Layer and select "Convert to Smart Object" from there.

Step 8

Now duplicate that layer and Flip Vertical.

Step 9

Apply mask on layer and apply black and white linear gradient.

Step 10

Select Gradient tool from toolbar and choose black and white gradient from there and apply on masked layer.


Apply different background colors and you can get different looks.

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