CSS Based Form Tutorials – Spice up Your Site

Online forms are used in a variety of websites, be it for getting feedback, creating accounts and providing a host of other functions. But most them as you’ve probably seen, are dull looking or worse, poorly designed, making it difficult to understand what this or that field is for. But if you have a website you can use CSS based form tutorials to make them more attractive and functional.

Why Use CSS Form Tutorials?

The reason is that they make it easier to put together a fully functional form. It is true that you can make one using JavaScript, but the process is long, complicated and best left to those who are experts in web development. It’s no fun typing JavaScript codes, and if you make a single mistake the form won’t work at all. And if you don’t know anything about JavaScript then you have no choice but to study it, which can take months or years to master.

Even if you just copy and paste codes in your form, there is no guarantee that it will work with all browsers. By using a CSS tutorial, you will learn how to create attractive forms in no time at all. All you need is an internet connection and some basic knowledge of HTML, and that’s it. Even better is the fact that some tutorials have complete CSS fields available for download, so you can use them instantly.

How Do These Tutorials Work?

It’s really quite simple. First you just go online and look for one of the tutorials. They should not be hard to find. When you get to one site, you will see images of the complete form, and a link above or below the image. Browse through the displayed forms and find the one you like.

When you find one, click the link and it will take you to a page containing the tutorials explaining how the form was made. Simply follow the instructions and you will have your own form. Repeat the process for others you like and soon you’ll have enough for whatever your site needs.

What Kind of Tutorials are Available?

The power of CSS can be seen in the sheer number of forms that you can make. For instance, you can use a postcard photo and turn into a form, adding a nice touch to your site and making it stand out easily. You can also make forms with a stylish button and clear fields including name, email, the website and your message.

In addition, you can use these tutorials to make forms or a social network’s account. By simply following the guide, you can make a form to create an account in the social network. With the right guide, you don’t to worry about what colors to use as it will come with presets that you can use for making professional looking forms.

These CSS based form tutorials can also be also be used to make tableless variants, plus add different buttons besides the usual “submit”. Some sites for example, use CSS to create forms with different buttons, a yes/no button and more. If you look at the finished product, it looks very complicated, but there really is nothing to their creation. Even if you don’t know much about CSS, you just need to follow the guides and your site will be ready.
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