Some Do’s & Don’ts While Designing A Sticker

Sticker designing is a creative task that totally depends on the creative approach of a designer. If you want to create an innovative design then creativity is the most important thing but along with creativity, you would need to follow the basic designing standards which will help you to accomplish your work with good and impressive results. Analyzing the design is one of the most important things and every designer should understand its value because only analyzing can give you best possible result of your creative ideas. It is not always possible to get best in first time but if you will analyze your design again and again then in the end, you will definitely get the best results.

It is no doubt that custom┬ástickers are one of the most fabulous ways by which one can promote or advertise their business at an affordable cost. For perfect design, you would need to follow some designing standards so here I am sharing with you some Do’s & Don’ts tips that will help you to analyze your design while designing a custom┬ásticker.

Dos for designing a sticker

  • Choose a design that seems to be perfect for your reason of sticker designing. You can get inspired with the designs that are already available on the internet and then you should create a design that will look most suitable for your purpose.
  • Always use high quality images which will highlight the clear and impressive appearance of your design. It will help your design to become professionally impressive and unique.
  • If you are creating a scratch sticker then create an image or draw it in your computer. Do not use entire existing images for your sticker designing purposes.
  • Apply bright and vibrant colors. This kind of color combination works best with all the sticker designing purposes. Vibrant and bright color combination gives pleasant and amazing appearance with lesser quality printing.
  • Experiment every possible design but choose only best while finalizing a project. Dimensions should be correct and design should be perfectly adjusted on the page.
  • You can find software for creating sticker templates that would be good for printing purposes. You just need to transfer your original design to the software and then it will create a specific template according to the sticker dimensions.
  • Microsoft Word also allows manipulating the original image and then it can be fitted according to your specifications.
  • Print and Test the design before finalizing it for numerous prints because some prints looks slightly different on the original and you should test the situation and position of a design on printed sticker.
  • Simplify your sticker design and try to make it charming without adding too many advanced drawing features. Create something that is catchy and yet simple.
  • Bigger objects are preferred in sticker designing because they allow better and easier viewing.
  • Add some unique shapes and make your sticker size unique and simple. Three could be many different sizes of stickers but Small sticker sizes attracts more than any big size creations of stickers.
  • Think something that is not in trend. It is not risky at all. In fact, this is what we say creative design experiments! Make your design background of your preferred color. There are no specific or standard colors for sticker designing.

Don’ts for designing a sticker

  • Inspiration is good thing and you can create your design according to your inspiration but never copy the design of any existing sticker. This will blur your identity and your sticker promotion would not be as effective as you think it would be.
  • Use standard sizes for sticker. Never use too small and too big stickers for promotional purposes. Stickers should be convenient and suitable for all purposes.
  • Your design should not be bigger or smaller than the original sticker size. It will make your skitter look like defected or unimpressive.
  • Creativity is important but done make your design confusing with too many integrations. Keep the colors clean and responsive so that it can represent the actual reason of sticker creation without any confusion.
  • Do not try to cover the sticker with the original message of company. Make a creative design that will describe the reason of sticker creation.
  • If your sticker is for the promotional purposes of any specific company then it does not mean that company logo would be perfect for its design. The Stickers that are made of only logo designs looks less impressive and sometimes inappropriate as well. It will not attract the audiences at all.
  • Use appropriate adhesive for the stickers. Face adhesive is one of the most preferable adhesives. It works perfectly well with every one and every thing. Never try to use too strong adhesive. Too strong adhesive are not preferred for the stickers because you can not remove them easily and if they fall then they will leave a stain of adhesives behind on the surface. Make the sticker stick but not permanently.

These are some of the most important sticker designing tips that will help you to get perfect and professionally good results of design and you will get a great job done for printing as well! It will help you to make a professional design with compatible functions so that people will appreciate your sticker designs and will refer it. This is the best way of brand or company promotion and quality of your sticker is the main concern. If you will maintain the uniqueness or design and quality of your materials then there is no other way as beneficial as the sticker promotion.

Author bio: Lisa Montgomery is the senior designer and creative artist for discount sticker printing, which is a custom sticker printing company for small to medium size businesses.

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