Enhance your HTML skills with visual text editors

If you see the pages in internet using HTML for formatting and designing, then these pages use HTML on the web browser. This is due to the tutorial intended to be a systematic guide for HTML learning from the ground base. You can confidently create web pages by directly coding into HMTL.

Preliminary matters:  It is not an easy method to create a website in HTML. In fact, it depends upon your inclinations that are possibly more tedious and are slow in a more efficient way. Consider your visual web editor for the job to get it done if you want to create a website. These are WYSIWYG that means “What you see is what you get” editors. These are computer programs that help you in designing your website without any technical knowledge.

Let us have a look on free and commercial tutorials for visual web editors and other HTML learning credentials Dreamweaver CS5 tutorial: It is a well known commercial web editor to make your learning easy and comfortable. Download the latest versions of these tutorials if you have Dreamweaver CS4 tutorial or CS3 tutorial.

Get a domain name: HTML tutorial also omits some of the non HTML related steps like getting registered to the domain name and getting the web host etc. Read the guide first about registering the domain name and then move to next step of learning HTML. If you already have a registered domain then continues reading this tutorial for HTML.

Enhance you HTML skills: HTML skills are important but if you will enhance those skills then it would be better to work while implementing those skills since if you are asked to create two or more columns with different fonts and using colors, then you need to do a certain visual design work to give a professional look to your website. Move to CSS tutorial after completing the portion of HTML tutorial. The CSS tutorial seamlessly lead to the HTML tutorial and these both tutorials were written to work with each other.

If you find it a built daunting task then consider your visual web editors that will create codes for HTML and CSS and leave you with more than half work finished. Finish your website that way.

Avoid using Notepad as a text editor: Consider a fully functional editor if you are working on your website by coding through HTML. Notepad is unable to handle certain characters and combinations and it will corrupt your file without intimating you. There is no warning or error in Notepad if you make any mistake and if you consider WordPad then, it will completely corrupt your page. Microsoft does not consider notepad/ WordPad as a viable editor.

Dreamweaver solving the purpose of a text editor: Don’t use a separate text editor is you have a Dreamweaver. Switch to the code from the visual design interface to the text editor interface. It checks your code for correctness and you can easily get an idea of the visual design interface to see how your webpage look like in a browser.

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