Fire Text Tutorial

Learn how to create Fire Text in photoshop. This tutorial will help you to make this effect in very easy way.

By Evil Matter

First start a new image in Grayscale Mode, and make the contents Transparent.

First fill Layer 1 in with Black then you need to select the Type Tool, and type your text. Then you need to go to Layer > Type > Render Layer, and position the text to the lower end of the image. Now Flatten your image: Layer > Flatten Image

Now you need to rotate the image 90
degrees counter clockwise: Image > Rotate Canvas > 90 CCW

Then Invert the image: Image > Adjust > Invert

Now apply the wind filter: Filter > Stylize > Wind Then set the wind’s direction to from
the left. Next you invert the image once again: Image > Adjust > Invert.

Next you have to apply the Wind Filter
two times. You can do like below or you can just push (Ctrl + F) two times. Filter > Stylize > Wind and again: Filter > Stylize > Wind.

Then Rotate the image clockwise now. Image > Rotate Canvas > 90 CW

Now apply another filter the distort filter. Filter > Distort > Ripple Set the Amount to somewhere 50-70.

Now for the finish touches. Image > Mode > Indexed Color Now go to Image > Mode > Color Table, and set table to Black Body instead of Grayscale.

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