How to Get the Maximum Advantages Using Twitter

Nowadays, marketing and advertising are two concepts that hardly may be separated and, handled smartly, this binomial may bring real advantages. No matter if a web designer works in an agency or as a freelancer, a better image in the community is fabulous and all experts are trying to achieve it. A well-known designer is employed by well-known clients and finally this means more money. There are no more words to convince you about that, it’s too obvious and it’s better to work at a strategy of self-promote yourself. This must be very well established, it must be created in order to work on multiple fronts as: portfolio, word-of-mouth, the quality of works etc., even a good presence on social media is important and contributes to the creation of a brand.

Definitely, Facebook is the most used social network and each web designer must have a presence there, but to create a professional image by using Twitter is more recommended and the results are incontestably more useful. Using Twitter, everything is reduced to 140 characters, everything is more condensed but the creative minds quickly adapted to these conditions. Yes, I am sure 100% that a web designer may have advantages by using Twitter. Here are some ideas to take into account in case you want to become a good twitterer and why not, to obtain advantages from using this platform.

1. Try to obtain a huge number of followers

Your influence on Twitter depends on the number of followers; more than 120 followers situate you as a more than average user but still no one very important. Having a bigger number of followers has multiple avails:

  • nobody knows when one of your followers may need the services of a web designer and it’s quite probable to hire you;
  • the contact with various people is at hand and you might be considered as an influent expert;
  • if you have more followers, you have more chances of being promoted by them;
  • potential clients see you as a very important designer once a great amount of people are interested in your tweets.

Unfortunately, obtaining a good number of followers isn’t an easy task; many useful and interesting tweets are required, helpful direct messages and a long time endeavor.

2. The quality of the tweets

People search for quality and Twitter is a platform where it’s easy to find qualitative content; in spite of that, good tweets are always welcomed. In order to have advantages from your account, a necessary condition is to offer only useful, quality and interesting tweets. Hence, informing your followers that your lunch wasn’t good and you preferred starving is less interesting than posting a link of a good post that might be considered worthy, some of them will retweet it and your @name will stay in front of other people. This is the best way to raise your number of followers…make them addicted to your contribution.

3. The mixture of the tweets

Even if the usual length of a tweet is of 140 characters and a single item might be easily neglected the web designers, someone who really cares about his account and is aware about the importance of the network can’t embrace this mentality. Each contribution must be carefully sent online and the entire daily mixture of tweets should be constantly improved. The perfect recipe of tweeting is based on offering links to cool posts, answering to various proposals of other users, inserting few personal thoughts, all of these in a natural way. The Internet is full of applications, many of them for free, which offer you a clear idea about how your tweets were received, when it is better to post more tweets so the followers are active and notice your thoughts or quit following you.

4. Self-promotion

Respecting the previous tips is great, you are a good twitterer but this is not enough. The possibilities of gaining a client increase exponentially when you are promoting your portfolio; you shouldn’t do it abusively to make everyone bored and stop following you. Personally it’s more suggestive to let people know which is your last work, “hey, look at my latest work; it took me almost a day to realize it” than “I urgently need a client, feel free to contact me”.

5. Insert retweet/tweet button on your blog

A blog is a great source to receive the recognition of the community; don’t lose your opportunities and insert a tweet/retweet button on the blog. Potential clients may read about your style of work, visualize your works and understand some web design tricks; this assures good advertising. A lot of people disconsider the advantages of a blog and a Twitter account but on a long time period the privileges turn into reality.

6. The background-the visual aspect

If you are a web designer then any chance to prove your skills must be used. On Twitter a good opportunity to show your skills is the background which can be easily customized; many designers use it very creatively and of course, the results deserve the effort.

In a nutshell, Twitter may be a source of gaining clients and creating a brand but it must be used in a smart manner, or else is only a loss of time. The accounts below are created by some great designers and they respect all the tips presented here. Which is your opinion, am I right?


Daniel Pintilie works for conversion rate optimization Company Invesp and enjoys writing on landing Page optimization and affiliate marketing.

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