How to Make 3D Pen in 3D Max

Today we are presenting a 3D tutorial "How to Make 3D Pen in 3D Max". As you know 3D Max is a very popular tool for making 3D objects and animations. In this tutorial we are trying to make this object in very easy way. Hope you will learn maximum things from this.

Step 1:

Create Cylinder from standard primitives

Step 2:

Copy cylinder by pressing (shift+move)

Step 3:

Select the second cylinder and convert it to polygon.

Step 4:

Turn on the edged faces

Step 5:

Turn on polygon and select following faces.

Step 6:

Click on the extrude setting button.

Step 7:

Select local normal extrude type and set extrude value(.3) and click ok.

Step 8:

Select these faces.

Step 9:

Extrude these faces to this length.

Step 11:

From top view adjust the shape by moving the vertices.

Step 12:

From the left viewport move this vertices down.

Step 13:

Create another cylinder to this position.

Step 14:

Convert this cylinder to polygon and apply bevel.

Step 15:

Select following faces.

Step 16:

Scale down the selected faces by using (select and uniform scale).

Step 17:

Extrude these faces to this length.

Step 18:

Go to the edit and turn on the swift loop

Step 19:

Add segment by using swift loop.

Step 20:

Select following faces

Step 21:

Extrude these faces to this length.

Step 22:

Add segment by using swift loop.

Step 23:

Select following faces and apply bevel.

Step 24:

Create one more cylinder on bottom of the First one.

Step 25:

Convert this cylinder to poly and apply bevel.

Step 26:

  • Open material editor by pressing (M) key
  • Select 1st material and change the following Parameters.
  • Drag and drop this material to cylinder 1 and 2.

Step 27:

Select second material slot. Change the Following parameters and apply on the following objects.

Final Result

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