How to Make 3D Text Effect in 3D Max

This tutorial "How to Make 3D Text Effect in 3D Max" is based on very basic techniques of 3D text making. This tutorial is written specially for beginners in 3D max. They can learn many techniques from this.

Step 1:

Converting renderer into mental ray: Press F10 to open the render setup. Roll down the common panel. open the assign renderer. click on choose renderer Button.

Step 2:

Nnow Select mental Ray Renderer and Click ok and close the render setup.

Step 3:

Create plane from geometry on the viewport’s grid. Create text from shapes on the front viewport.

Step 4:

Select the text and go to the modify panel, change the size the of the text (20) and text (TUTORIALS PALACE)

Step 5:

Copy the text by pressing (Shift + Move)

Step 6:

select first text shape, go to the modify panel, open the rendering tab, turn on (enable in renderer) and also (enable in viewport).

Step 7:

Select second text shape and go to the modifier list and apply (bevel) modifier. Change the values of bevel are as follows.

Level 1: height : 18
Level 2: Height : 0.5, Outline : -1.6 

Step 8:

Create  light in viewport  behind the text. select the light and go to the modify panel, turn off the shadows, open (Intensity/Color/Attenuation) tab , turn on both near and far Attenuation of the selected light and values are.

Step 9:

Material and lights: Select mr area omni light from the standard light panel.

Step 10:

Create several lights with Different colors, you can change color of the light from modify panel.

color used:

Step 11:

Press M key for material editor. Change the specular value of the selected standard material drag and drop the standard material on the beveled text.

Step 12:

Select Second Material slot, click on the standard button.

Step 13:

Open (arch& design) Material. Set the reflectivity value to 0, scroll down the material panel.

Step 14:

Turn on the self illumination (glow) and also turn on the (illuminates the scene when using FG).

Step 15:

Click on the filter box and select gradient ramp.

Step 16:

Use following color. Drag and drop this material to the wired text.

Step 17:

Select the text and go to the modify list and select (uvw map).

Step 18:

Open material panel again, select third material slot, open arch & design material and change the diffuse color into black . Drag and drop this material on the plane.

Step 19:

Finally press F10 for render setup and click on the renderer tab.

Step 20:

scroll down the panel, go to the camera shaders and turn on the output. And click on the volume button and open beam.

Step 21:

Now render and scene and save the image.

Final Result

How to Make 3D Text Effect in 3D Max

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