How to make Backgrounds and Wallpaper

Ever wondered how to make web page background and desktop wallpapers /backgrounds? This tutorial shows how to make background which can use for web page, desktop wallpaper and it can use for every other mediums like TV or Print media.

Step 1:

We begin with a blank canvas and then draw a subtle gradient across it.  (I’m using a 1280×1024 canvas here)

Don’t be fooled by the black border incidentally, that’s just photoshop.  So anyhow I’ve chosen two orange colours that are very similar to each other to make a very subtle gradient indeed.


Step 2:


Now take your Polygonal Lassoo Tool  (shortcut key L) and draw in a rough triangular selection as shown.

Then take a really fat soft brush (size 300 or so)  and draw some faded in white with the edge of it, again as shown.  Be careful not to make it too strong however.


Step 3:

Set your white from step 2 to ‘OVERLAY’.


Now again take your Polygonal Lassoo Tool and do a similar trinagle but back and against it (like shown).  This time add some black.  I actually used a gradient fill here using Black and nothing.  You can get this type of gradient by selecting your gradient tool then dropping down and choosing the second one along:


Step 4:

Set your black layer to Overlay & 34%.


Now use the Pen Tool and draw a nice looking curve.  The secret to nice curves with the pen tool is dragging the handle a long way.

Join the path back up so its one continuous blob, then right click and select “Make Selection…”

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