How to Make Character Illustration in Photoshop

Today we bring an amazing tutorial for Photoshop users "Hot to make character illustration in Photoshop". You will learn about sketch or illustration techniques in Photoshop. This method is based on brushes, selection and some shading techniques. Let start the tutorial.

Step 1.

Create a new file and use the following dimensions and click ok.

Step 2.

I painted with brush tool with different colors and give the direction of the light.

Step 3.

Create a new layer and create following selection using polygonal lasso tool and fill the following color.

Step 4.

Create a new layer and paint with brush tool with dark color.

Step 5.

At a new layer create selection for collar and paint with the following colors.

Step 6.

Create another layer and paint on the arm of the character with white color using brush tool.

Step 7.

Now I am going to draw a simple sketch of the face of the character and I hide this layer after selection.

Step 8.

At a new layer create selection and do the following shading and colors.

Step 9.

At a new layer create selection for darker color.

Step 10.

Add more dark color and use smudge tool to smoothen the shape.

Step 11.

Make it like this

Step 12.

Create another layer for eye and the do the following .

Step 13.

With the same procedure create a nose.

Step 14.

Create and fill selection with following colors for ear.

Step 15.

Use dune grass brush to add fur

I use this brush for eye brows.

and also for face fur.

Take a closer look.

Select the layer and right click on the layer then click on the blending option to add glow effect. Use the following settings.

Step 16.

Now here we have the final image of the painted character

Final Image:

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