How to Make Hitman in Adobe Illustrator

Hitman is a fictional and unreal character, super powered hitman in the DC Comics Universe. This is a most popular character of cinema screen and also has popularity in game lovers. Today we are going to make a tutorial on illustration of hitman in Adobe Illustrator. For this tutorial you don’t have need any extra skills if you know basics of Adobe Illustrator you will make it easily.

A short introduction of tools:

As i have told above this tutorial is too easy. You will have to use only 3 tools here to make this.

  1. Pen Tool Short key (P)
  2. Convert Anchor Point Tool Short key (Shift+C)
  3. Direct Selection Tool Short key (A)

Pen Tool use for draw freehand lines and paths, for remove and add anchors.
Convert Anchor Point Tool use to convert the points on a path between corners to smooth points.
Direct Selection Tool use for modify lines with anchors.

Step 1:

Make new document of 800 * 600 pixels and make 2 color background black and white.

Step 2:

Now select to pen tool and make path same as I have made in below picture. You can make this path in a very simple way. Using pen tool draw path step by step, use convert point tool for modify and make smooth anchors and also use direct selection tool
for make your path perfect.

Step 3:

In this step remove outline color using None button under the fill and stroke color from left side toolbar. and give black color to inside of your path.

Note: Make sure here your path should be closed then you give fill color in your object or path.

Step 4:

Now you have to make a white shape here which will be use for face of hitman also for his shirt. Same techniques will be use same as Ii have mentioned above here is no need any extra tool for this.

Shape for face and shirt is ready to use. In further steps we will make other small shapes to make it complete.

Step 5:

Let’s start work on the face area hitman. Use pen and other tools same like you have used. This is only one shape but you can use in parts too.

Step 6:

Dressing is very important to give a natural or real look to your character. Now dress-up in this step to hitman, make here collar, cuffs and belt. You can also change its dressing style and make some extras there.

Step 7:

Make now red color shapes this will make tie and inner shape of coat.

Step 8:

As you know hitman character known as a gun fighter and without guns hitman will be never complete so in this step make graphics of guns.

Final Image:

Now you can see here the final image of hitman after completing all steps.

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