How to Make Lamp with Special Effects in Photoshop

Today we will let you know that How to make lamp with special effects in Photoshop. This tutorial is based on 2 major techniques of Photoshop "lighting" and "blending". You will learn different ways to use of these "lighting" and "blending" methods. This is simple tutorial and you donโ€™t have need any extra skills required for this. So letโ€™s start tutorial and hope you will enjoy making this.

Step 1.

Create a new document and use the following dimensions

Step 2.

Fill the following color ( # 2f495b ) with paint bucket tool.

Step 3.

Create a new layer and make following selection with pen tool and fill with following color ( # a3afb7 )

Step 4.

Now add some dark areas and highlights at a new layer with brush tool and use 27 pixels of brush size
color used : white and ( # 819099 )

Step 5.

At a new layer create a following selection and fill using following color ( # c6ced3 )

Step 6.

Create a new layer and paint with brush tool using following color

Step 7.

Now at a new layer create shape using rectangular marquee tool and fill with any color. then apply blending option

Right click on the layer and click on the blending options and use the following gradient options

Step 8.

At a new layer paint with brush tool using white color and also change the layer order.

And change this layer mode to soft light

Step 9.

Now at a new layer use these brushes you can download from here.

Step 10.

Now create a new layer and make light spot. using white color and change mode to overlay

Step 11.

Now its time to create glow stroke. create a new layer draw the following path with pen tool.
make sure your brush size is 20 pixels and colored white.

Step 12.

Right click on the path and click on stroke path

Check the simulate pressure and select brush

Step 13.

Now erase the following area with eraser tool

Step 14.

Apply glow using blending options and use the following settings

You will get this result

Step 15.

Paste this image on top layer and change the mode to (soft light)

You will get something like this

Step 16.

Also use this image and paste it on the following postion

Now add adjustments level by clicking on the create a new adjsutment layer button
and use the following settings.

Final Image

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