How to make Necklace in Adobe Illustrator

Today in this tutorial you will learn how to make necklace in Adobe Illustrator and you will also learn that how to make Pearl effect. I hope you will learn easy techniques to Adobe illustrator in this tutorial.

Step 1:

Make new document of 550 * 313 pixels

and draw ellipse using Ellipse Tool (L) of 55 * 55 pixels and give color (Hex: A69C7D) (R: 166 G: 156 B: 125)

Step 2:

I am using in this step black rectangle for temporarily. Now draw white circle on black rectangle

Step 3:

Change opacity value 80% from top toolbar and then go to Effect menu and select Gaussian Blur from Blur menu and apply Radius 2.9 pixels

After this you will see effect like following screen

Step 4:

Select circle with left mouse click and press ALT key from keyboard and drag. Now you will get a duplicate circle there. Select Direct Selection Tool (A) and click on duplicate circle then you will see nodes on circle and select top node and move down.

Step 5:

Make two small circles more there.

Step 6:

Move all these white circles on brown circle and now you will get a Pearl. Now in 6th steps you have learned that how will make Pearl Effect in Adobe Illustrator.

Step 7:

Make this shape now this is very simple to make. Draw Ellipse and change shape using Direct Selection Tool and apply gradient (radial) with color 1: (R: 166 G: 156 B: 125) and color 2: (R: 206 G: 197 B: 171). This shape will be use to join peals with each other.

Step 8:

Make duplicate of pearl and make that 25% smaller and place that on some distance from original.

Step 9:

Click on Object menu and then go on Blend and select Make command.

Now there will be appear a new circle you can increase these circles.

Step 10:

Double click on Blend Tool (W)

This window will be open there are three commands using “Specified Steps” you can increase steps of blended objects.

Give 7 value in that and press OK. You will get this effect.

Further steps you will use highlighted tools with red outline
1. Selection Tool
2. Direct Selection Tool
3. Convert Anchor Point Tool.

Step 11:

Now select blended objects using Selection Tool it will show you a straight line in blend and then press Direct Selection tool and click on any node of straight line and move that your blended objects will move according to line but only in angular or straighten. We have need here to change this blend line in curve, for this we will use Convert Anchor Point Tool.

Using that tool make shape like following screen.

Step 12:

Copy this blend and paste and then select Reflect Tool (O). Press Shift button and drag mouse and flip copied object and move to right side and adjust like below image.

Step 13:

Now use here that object which made in Step 7 for join peals. It will make chain effect.

Step 14:

Make chain using circles use only outline color in this and after this adjust with pearls.

Step 15:

This is final image.

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