How to Make Phoenix Text in 3D Max

3D Max is a great tool for 3D creation and animation. People are using this for different kind of design medium like logo designing, print media etc. Today we will work on Text Effects in this. This tutorial will teach you that how to make phoenix 3d text effect in 3D max. Let’s start tutorial.

Step 1:

Converting renderer into mental ray: Press F10 to open the render setup. Roll down the common panel. open the assign renderer. click on choose renderer Button.

 now Select mental Ray Renderer and Click ok and close the render setup.

Step 2:

Go to the Command panel and create plane from geometry (Standard Primitives)

Plane Parameters

Length: 140.0
Width: 140.0

Step 3:

Create text From Shapes Panel on the front view.

Text Parameters

Size: 15.0
Font Type: Arial
Text:  Phoenix

Step 4:

Go to the perspective view by pressing home icon on the right upper corner. Now select the Text and go to the Modify panel and open the modifier list roll out . Roll down the list and select Bevel.

Bevel Parameter

Level 1  (Height)  : 2.0
Level 2  (Height)  : 0.5 – (Outline) : -0.2

Step 5:

Select the Plane and press [M] for Material Editor . Select Any Standard Material and Click on Standard Button now material map browser list will open. Select arch & Design and Click Ok. This will change the standard material into Arch & Design Material.


Step 6:

on the Template Panel. Open the (Select template) Rollout .and Select Water Reflective Surface

Step 8:

Select the plane and click on (Assign Material to Selection) or drag and drop the material to object. This step will change the plane object into water surface.

Step 9:

In this step we r going to apply Glow material to text.
Select the new material and change standard material to Arch and Design.
Now change the following parameters of Arch & Design.

Change Color: Red: 435 Green: 451
Blue: 153

and press ok

Step 10:

Glossiness Value :  (.8)

Step 11:

Scroll down the panel and open the self illumination (glow) panel and Apply the Following Method.

Turn on the self illumination (glow) and change the value of  luminance to (2.0) this will increase the glow intensity. And turn on the {illuminates the scene (when using FG)} to create glow effect on other objects.

Step 12:

Click on the Filter button. New material/map list will appear.

Select the dent map and click ok

Step 13:

In dent parameters change the white color into Bright yellow or Orange.

Step 14:

If you want to go back .open the map rollout above the coordinates and click on default. And Close the Material Editor


Step 16:

Now Render the scene by pressing F9 Key or (Shift+Q) or drop down the rendering from main toolbar and click render.

Step 17:

Lights and Camera Shader: Go to The Command Panel and Click on the Lights Icon and open the light Rollout and Select standard and click on the mr omni light and create light on the top view port .

Step 18:

Select the light and Set the position by Giving the following axis values.

X: 82.032
Y: -8.455
Z: 4.724

Step 19:

Go to the perspective view and adjust scene view By Rotating the View and you can Maximize or minimize the selected viewport by clicking the maximize viewport toggle on the right Bottom corner .

Step 20:

  • Now in this step we are going to add camera shaders .
  • Press F10 for render setup and click on renderer and scroll down the panel
  • In camera shaders Turn on lens and click on the lens button
  • Open night from the list and click ok.

Step 21:

Now Click on Common Panel and Change the Output size Of Render Image and close the Render setup.

Output Size

Width: 1200
Height: 520

Finally press (Shift+Q) to Render The Scene. When rendering is complete save the image by clicking the save icon and save image as jpeg format.


This is the final result of tutorisl.

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