How to Make Tooth Paste in 3D Max

After getting good response on "Making of Toothbrush in 3D Max" we are presenting an other 3D max tutorial "How to make tooth paste in 3d max". Hope you will also like this tutorial.

Tools used:

Standard Primitives, Polygon Modeling, Loft.

Step 1:

Create cylinder from standard primitives with following parameters.

Step 2:

Convert this object to poly.

Step 3:

Select the vertices and adjust
the shape.

Step 4:

Select the following face with Polygon and apply bevel.

Step 5:

Use bevel and inset .

Step 6:

Select the following face of the
object and apply extrude.

Step 7:

Turn on swift loop for add segments.

Step 8:

Add segments to tighten the edges of the objects.

Step 9:

Turn on the nurms for meshsmooth.

Step 10:

Shape up the following vertices.

Step 11:

  1. Press (M) key for material editor.
  2. Change the following Parameters.
  3. Drag and drop the material on the Object.

Step 12:

Change the second material.

Step 13:

Scroll down the 2nd material slot and apply Image based reflection .

Use this image:

Step 14:

  1. Select the object go to the modify
    for polygon.
  2. Turn on polygon and select
  3. Following faces of the object.
  4. Drag n drop the material on the
    selected faces.

Step 15:

Select another material slot for Graphics.

Graphics used:

Step 16:

  1. Select these faces
  2. Turn on the (show standard
    map in viewport) button. To
    view the map in the viewport.
  3. Drag n drop the material.

Step 17:

  1. Adjustment of graphic map
  2. While selecting the following
    faces go the modifier list.
  3. Apply uvw map for adjustment.

Step 18:

Try to adjust the map by moving
gizmo and following parameters.

Step 19:

After adjustment of graphic map of select object’s faces with
uvw map.

Step 20:

Create line for paste.

Step 21:

Draw line from left view.

Step 22:

  1. Go to the top view port.
  2. Select the line and go to the
    modify panel.
  3. Turn on the vertex and adjust the

Step 23:

Create circle from the shape.

Step 24:

Select the line and open the
compound object panel.

Step 25:

Click on the get shape button then select the circle.

Step 26:

  1. Select the loft object.
  2. Go to the modify panel.
  3. Open deformations and click
    on the scale.
  4. Scale deformation window will
  5. Click on the Bezier point to insert
    the points on the scale line.

Step 27:

Insert points and adjust the following scale line.

Step 28:

Create cylinder with following parameters for cap.

Step 29:

  1. Convert this object to poly.
  2. Select the following face and hit delete.

Step 30:

Select the following faces .

Step 31:

Extrude the following faces.

Step 32:

  1. Go to the modifier list and apply
    shell for wall thickness.
  2. Adjust the following parameters

Step 33:

  1. Go to the modifier list again and apply taper .
  2. Adjust the following parameters.

Step 34:

  1. Open material editor again and create following material for paste and cap.
  2. Apply white material on the cap.
  3. Blue on trhe paste.

Step 35:

  1. Create plane for ground base.
  2. Create and apply following material
    on the plane.

Step 36:

Go to the standard lights and create sky light with following parameters.

Step 37:

Finally render the scene using (F9)


Final Result:

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