Increasing Efficiency of Your Website with Font Face

As we are all bored about the same Times New Roman font, and about the articles that look like they were all written by the same person. This is why the smartest webmasters prefer to customize their own fonts, and to create new texts that will completely change the dynamics of the website. The majority of methods used by webmasters to create such fonts imply the usage of Java Script, but there are also other simple methods that allow webmasters to integrate such fonts without the use of advanced techniques.


@font-face is a rule of CSS that will allow you to integrate a font in your website, so the visitors of the page will see the respective font, even if it is not installed on their computers. You won’t need JavaScript or Flash, as the method uses a single file for a font, a file that is uploaded directly on the specific server, without the need of some additional and special programs that would consume resources of the computer.

Why should you use @font-face

  • simple
  • elegant
  • it does not need advanced programming

@font-face is a simple and elegant method to incorporate the font in your website, and in the majority of cases, it is compatible with all the search engines. It is user friendly, and it is also fast and easy to install. It does not require programming, so it is maybe the simplest and most effective method to enhance your website with this special font.

There are several other methods to create and use special fonts for your site. For example, you can buy the respective font directly from the internet, and you must add the code of the respective program to the website. When the font is incorporated, you can use it just like you use any other font. However, you will need to apply some methods to make the font compatible with many browsers, and for this, you will need several types of files.

Font Squirrel is a wonderful resource, and it is easy to use and customize. For your font to be compatible with many browsers, you will need several types of fonts. Don’t worry, as you have many choices at your disposal, and you will be able to use even the free fonts that are also great looking.

There are no true problems when it comes to using the fonts, but you will have to take care of some aspects. First, the font must de downloaded by the visitors of your site, which will cost you a part of the bandwidth, meaning that you will have to keep an eye on the hosting resources. Another problem would be that the initial flash font is seen, before the main font is loaded, but the majority of users won’t have a problem with this.

As a website that has a special font can be considered as a special one, and it is also SEO friendly, and compatible with many browsers, it is the best method to have a good looking and efficient website.

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