jQuery Plugins for Better Looking HTML Forms

It is true that HTML forms are important elements for web designing. However, putting them together is a difficult job, and moreover, the form can look dull even after the implementation. Fortunately, there is jQuery plugins for better looking HTML forms. It is a JacaScript library that removes the complexity from Ajax interactions, HTML forms, animating, and document traversing.

Usefulness of jQuery plugins

There are many plugins available in the category to choose from. They help users in many ways, and there is one for just about any type of website owners need. People just need to choose the most suitable and effective plugin for their requirement. This is not a tedious job as your website itself can determine what the chosen plugin can do. You need to go online and search for jQuery plugins. You will be given with many sources that feature information about the plugins and their benefits for your site. The most beneficial thing of these sources is that they have made all the research for you. Therefore, you don’t need to examine directories or browse download sites because they have selected the very best.

You just need to go through the list and pick up the most suitable one for your website. Click on the link and follow the instructions given on it. There is no need to get all plugins available in the market but rather get the only one that you need.

Available plugins

There are hundreds of thousands of plugns available over the internet to choose from. Each one is more useful than the other. You can make your HTML form more interesting by using a validation plugin. This will lead to show a message like ‘this field is required’ when a person types the form. This is great and definitely useful tools that help users to fill up lengthy forms quickly. Inline form validation plugin is a related plugin that offer a lot of information in many cases. ‘Password strength meter’ is a useful and necessary plugin that lets users to create an online account to see whether the password they are making is strong or prone to hacking. This plugin will show a message like ‘weak’ ‘good’ or ‘moderate’ or sometimes show a bar in green color for a strong password and red for weak.

Useful plugins

There are many useful and effective jQuery plugins that help to make your HTML forms better looking. Auto complete plugin is a handier plugin that helps to fill up many fields quickly. Today, captcha is sued for verification in many sites. Using jQuery plugins, you can employ graphics than the text, which is hard to read. Moreover, there is a plugin that will make the text area widely useful. Website owners must need a password verification feature and so, webform wizard plugin find useful for them. Other important plugins are those that make highlights, generate a virtual keyboard and they are Ajax Check and in-field labels plugins.

The above mentioned are just certain most useful jQery plugins for HTML forms that you can employ. People who make HTML pages must check the way that they use to work. They might be doing things in a difficult manner. If they use some of these plugins, then they will find their job easier to make websites that not only work effectively but also delightful to the eyes. Other popular and useful jQuery plugins that make your HTML forms more beautiful are as follows;

Form Skinning

Are you not successful with the form factors inconsistency among various browsers? Don’t worry, jQery plugins will help you get the unified look and feel of all your HTML forms. Form Skinning plugins include;

Form validation

It is important to make client-side form validation. These plugins will save a good amount of time and effort by using the already made form validation again;


This application is used to avoid human mistakes. These masking plugins are very effective to guide users and reduce the chances of bad information;

File Uploader

These jQuery file uploader plugins change the original input file component into a more rigid file uploader in order to upload any amount of files, with a progress bar to show the upload progress.

Checkbox and Radio Button

Your checkbox and radio button can be made more interesting with these jQuery plugins;

Spin Button and Glider

These plugins can be useful for many reasons and situations;

Auto Complete

Many major websites have already released the auto-complete functionality applications. These jQuery plugins help you do the same with your websites in an easy manner;

Calendar and Time picker

Gone are the days when drop down lists were used to select data and time for users. Today, using a calendar and time picker one can easily pick the date and time. Moreover, these plugins also reduces the chances of invalid date;

Drop Down Menu

You can do more with Drop Down Menu using these plugins, which are capable to add more functionalities to the menu;

Color Picker

People who use to build some online tools that need colors will find these plugins useful;


We might have come across with text boxes that are very small and we need to type in messages by scrolling up and down, left and right to read the whole message. But, with these jQuery plugins, you don’t need to scroll more!


These plugins are just a few; there are still batches of them out there. However, you will find your HTML forms look better and beautiful with these plugins.

Author bio: Jack is a freelance writer and part time blogger of SEO India. He has been working in this industry since last 8 years and he has created HTML forms for more than 100 clients till now.

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