JQuery Plugins- for Better Looking HTML Forms

Every web designer knows that HTML forms are important, but putting them together can be difficult. Even if the form has been implemented, the form can be quite dull looking. For those who are familiar with jQuery plug ins for HTML, jQuery is a JavaScript library that takes out the complexity from HTML documents, Ajax interactions, animating, event handling, and document traversing.

How Can These Plug ins Help?

These plug ins can help you in different ways, and there is one for just about any kind of website you need. The most important thing is to find the one you require. This isn’t as difficult as it seems because websites make it easy to determine what these plug ins can do. If you go online and look up "jquery plug ins" you will come across many sites complete with information about the plug ins and what they can do for your site.

The nice thing about these sites is they have done all the research for you. You don’t need to scour directories and browse download sites, as they have picked the very best. All you need to do is look over the list and find the one you need. Click the link and simply follow the instructions. You don’t need to get all the plug ins, but only the ones you need. However, it is a good idea to bookmark the site so you can get the others when you do need them.

What Plug ins are Available?

There are thousands of plug ins on the web, each more useful than the last. You can jazz up your form by using a validation plug in, so that someone typing the form will see a message like "this field is required" or "passwords do not match" and so on. This is a great feature that users will definitely find useful and help them fill up long forms quickly. A related plug in is an inline form validation and in many cases can provide a lot more info.

Another useful, perhaps mandatory plug in is a password strength meter. This will allow a user creating an online account to determine if the password they are making is strong enough or if it’s susceptible to hacking. The plug in may display a message like ":weak", "moderate", "good" or it could display a bar, usually green used for a strong password and red for a weak one.

More Useful Plug ins

An auto complete plug in will also come in handy especially when filling up a lot of fields. In many sites today, captcha is sued for verification, so but jQuery allows you to use graphics instead of the text that is often difficult to read. In addition, you might find a plug in that will make your text area bigger useful. A password validation feature is necessary and you might also find a webform wizard helpful too. Other popular plug ins are those that create highlights, produces a virtual keyboard, an Ajax username check and in field labels plug in.

These are just some of the most useful jQuery plug ins for HTML that you can use today. If you have been making HTML pages for a long time, look closely at how you are working; you might be doing things the hard way. By simply using some of the plug ins you will find it easier to create websites that not only work well, but are pleasing to the eyes as well.
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