Make Gift Box in Adobe Illustrator Using Skew Techniques

In this tutorial you will learn that how to make gift box. This is very simple tutorial using basic techniques of Adobe Illustrator. In this tutorial we will work on Skew effect. Hope you will learn much more and make many things after using these tips.

Step 1:

Create new document with 550 pixel width and 250 pixels height. Background should be white and you can choose color what you like. And draw rectangle of 330 * 150 pixels and use fill color #FF78BC there.

Step 2:

Select "Direct Selection Tool" and select anchor of rectangle one by one and make shape like this

Step 3:

Draw two more rectangles 1 for left side and second for right side. And give #F967B7 color to left rectangle and #E23795 to right.

Step 4:

Move anchor points of both rectangle to upward using "Direct Selection Tool" or you can skew using "Shear Tool" and make this shape.

Step 5:

Draw 2 more rectangles and using same techniques which we have used in step 4 and apply #F9C5E3 this fill color in both rectangles.

Step 6:

Top part of the box is ready now we will make bottom part of the box using same techniques of skew. Draw 2 rectangles and fill gradient in those (R:255 G:120 B:188) and (R:255 G:89 B:172). And skew both of boxes using same methods which we have used above.

Step 7:

Box has been ready and now we will have to make ribbon for this make. Amazing thing is this 80% part of ribon will be done by using same skew methods. So draw 6 rectangles. 4 rectangles with #F9C5E3 this color for top part of box and 2 with #FFE1F1 this fill color for bottom part and skew all rectangles as we have done before.

After that you will find shape like this.

Step 8:

Select "Pen Tool" and make the shape of knot for top of ribbon. Draw a shape of with 4 nodes and make curve using "Direct Selection Tools" . Fill gradient (R:255 G:201 B:224) and (R:255 G:123 B:172). Using "Gradient Tool" rotate and scale

Step 9:

Align left both of shapes and copy paste this shape and then use "Reflect Tool" and flip horizontal. You will get a knot shape

Step 10:

Place this knot on top of the box and select "Star Tool" and draw some stars in white color and make a pattern for bottom part of box.

Step 11:

Give "Drop Shadow" effect on knot and top part of the box one by one from Effect menu -> Stylze using values of following screen.

Final Shape

After "Drop Shadow" effect you will get final shape of Gift Box. You can give different backgrounds below are some examples of that

Hope you will like this tutorial. Give your precious comments on this.

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