How to Make Slow Load CSS Progress Bars

Everyone know about the css progress bars, a progress bar can be used to show how far along a user is in a process. You see this kind of progress bars in installation of any software. And now these are using also in web applications to show the completion of any process. Today I will make and teach you that how to make beautiful and animated progress bar. You can also use these progress bars in your web applications. Below mention tutorial will help you to make these colorful progress bars.

Step 1

Start the HTML Document and define basic tags.

Step 2

Define HTML tags to create progress bars.

We are going to make four different progress bars.

Step 3

Now I will define CSS Styles. First of all define background color.

Then define styles for container.

Use these styles to make background colors for progress bar

Wow progress bar is ready to use. You can use where you want and If you want to make these bars in different colors then follow the next styles.

Now four color progress bars has been done. Final touch I will give these progress bar with animation. In the end use these styles. These styles will make your progress bar Slow load progress bar.

Enjoy and share with your friend.

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