Make Your Website More Effective With These Designing Tips

There exists no foolproof formula to develop a perfect design that best suits each and every website. It is the amalgamation of design, layout, colours, SEO, right content and easy navigation that together make a website stand out from among its competitors. A good website should impress the visitors visually, and cater to their requirements, providing them the appropriate solutions to their questions. Most of the time, one can only derive the best design with a trial and error process. However, there exist certain elements which can competently boost your presence in the online world. Below are the few things you should consider while designing your website, to help make it more effective and efficient.

Avoid welcoming your viewers with song

Many website owners welcome their viewers with their favorite song or a video that is related to their niche. This usually contradicts the whole idea, as majority of people dislike websites that play videos and songs automatically. Website owners need to understand that every viewer is different and nobody likes to be force fed with something they aren’t interested in. Instead of startling your viewer with a welcome song, include an option that requests to play the audio or video. This is a win-win situation, since you can impress potential clients, encourage more views and serve your regular visitors better, as well.

Choose an appropriate colour scheme

As website owners, one has every right to design their own website as per their personal tastes and preferences. However, the main motive of owning a website is to serve your viewers in a better way. Instead of focusing on what you prefer, design a colour-scheme that best caters to your target audience. If your website is exclusively created for a younger audience, then utilize vibrant colours that are reader-friendly. If it caters to senior citizens, then use minimal shades that accentuate the font, making it easily readable. The colour-scheme you choose should simplify the navigation process and allow visitors to effortlessly read the text without straining their eyes.

Invest time to frame a good layout

A good layout is as important as the colour-scheme; it should be convenient and appealing at the same time. To increase the online exposure of your website, you need to create a layout that is simple and effective. Even if you plan to explore the creativity of your web designers, make sure the layout supports the navigation process and all the links are easily visible. Be it a pop-up or drop-down method, your artistic interpretation should complement the whole process of navigation and not confuse the visitors.

Write effective content

Regardless of the advancement in technology, content was, is and will always be the king. Good content with proper grammar and spellings, is sure to win the confidence of your visitors. No matter how much time you dedicate towards writing your content, you should always check your content before uploading it on your site. When tailor-made to suit the preferences of audience, informative content gains their interest and makes them come back for more. It is advisable to hire the services of an SEO company to ensure that the content on your website meets current SEO requirements and standards.

Test your website for efficiency

Very important, invest sufficient time in testing your website before you launch it. You can use a freelance SEO company to conduct frequent research and test your website, to maximize traffic. Check the website with different browsers and calculate the time consumed by each browser to view pages. If possible, invite your family and friends for suggestions and let them check out your website before making it available to your entire online audience.

Author Bio: Philip works as a Project manager at a digital marketing agency in Dubai, and regularly handles the design and content required for the launch of websites. He has successfully worked on websites for many new businesses, locally as well as internationally. He plans to start his own company dealing in automobiles, in the near future.

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